Faction Rapid light missiles?

yes i know :frowning: wish it wasent soo, but it is… and its weird af… the lower fitting options i tend to get from mutaplasma anyways… so i want more then braggins rights :frowning:

The specialization skill only adds a 10% benefit to T2, thus it only becomes better than a factional RML once you get it to lvl4 or higher.

But factional launchers tend to have other features, like extended ammo cap, reduced CPU and Powergrid requires, plus other features even specialization can’t counter.

This is true of turret weapons also. Specialization only benefit T2 weapon once lvl4 or higher. Other than that lvl1 is only required to use T2 ammo.

The important thing to remember here is that the fitting requirements on Faction launchers are less. We are not therefore comparing the same with the same, but that for any given “can’t fit T2 must use faction” we are really looking at, for example 5x Faction Launchers v 4x T2 launchers (and an empty/utility slot), a 20% increase before we consider the basic statistics of the modules.
The alternative is compromising the fit somewhere else.

Eve is about options, choices and their consequences.
In ship fitting that’s Offence/Manoeuvrability/Defence at any given cost point. If you want to fit T2 launchers to do more damage, then you’ve got to compromise. If you don’t want to compromise, then you need to accept the different cost point.

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yes true, but (all?) faction turrets provide better application, thus they might provide more dps then t2+spec V? … how much extra dps depends and is beyond my math/pyfa skills to find out.

i dont know, but i think faction turret has less fitting requirments and i think also better tracking, thus they are proberly easier to fit aswell as provide better applied damage then t2 turrets…

i think a more resonable example would be 4 T2 + 1 faction, or 3/2 etc …
today when we got abyssal mods, its even possible to keep the t2 missiles and mutaplasmid some other modules…
all im saying is… it kinda feels “bad” to have a blingy ship and then be “forced” to t2 the weapons, as they have the best damage … idk.

As someone who makes their living from T2 manufacturing I can’t help but disagree for selfish reasons!

he he… youll adapt by farming lp or buy lp(faction bpc)!
j/k… i dont think you’r income would get affected?

as it is now: a damage nerf cost more then damage buff (faction price on launcher vs turret).
and only a selected few even pvp/pve with “the cheaper” faction turrets

so i think its unlgocal to think your t2 production is gonna take a big hit, just cus some l33t pve:ers bling.,. increase of damage application on launchers will proberly mean a higher cost for those launchers, so there might actully be a increase in demand for t2…? and also ordinary player will still buy t2 for pvp.