Faction Standing bonuses for Edencom/Concord & Precursor ships

As part of the bonuses on these hulls they should add significant NPC standing bonuses for their respective factions.

Also allow the civilian versions of Concord ships to also have these bonuses for Edencom conquered systems.

No even total immunity just a standings bonus toward the faction would go a long way towards making these ships more interesting when flying around given the new landscape.

Why though?

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ahhh, using “more interesting” to justify a change is a bad argument, and will usually get you called out. Like, if your boss started kicking people in the nuts whenever they used the word of the day, it would certainly make work more interesting, but it probably wouldn’t help profits, employee morale, employee retention, and all that.

Anyway, the edencom ships are disappointing, and I don’t think the recent buff has changed that. Some people have found success with them in the Abyss, but they still seem to be super niche. Personally, I think they still need some work, but I’d imagine CCP will want to see how the current changes pan out (and collect some data) before moving forward.


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