Faction standings should have more meaning

I am a solo player and have played off and on since 2011. At present grinding for faction standings is a dead end game path with little to gain


Let players earn citadel and structures support from nocturnal faction corps to assist with protecting player assets. At present the box Corp relationships and their value is fading fast

So… you want NPCs to protect your structures?

If so, no.

You and your friends can protect your structures. If you don’t have any friends, get some.

There was a time when you couldn’t anchor a structure unless you had good faction standing - I wouldn’t mind bringing that back. Maybe replace CONCORD with faction navies who only respond if they like you!

I agree faction standings should matter but there need to be consequences as well as benefits.

The police protect everyone, if they like you or not. That is the Concord in EvE and should be like that. They already have different time response depending on System Sec-Status and the Police Navy attack those who don’t like; E. you have negative standing with the Caldari, they will try to attack you in their Space.

I agree that Faction Standing should mean something more, but not like the OP suggest and no like you do.

One example could be Citadel Anchoring Rights, instead of Free For All like now. Could also open some Standing Market for those who have high Standings and Corps without Standing.

Another one could be Skins, as they are so popular these days. A Special Skin per Faction and if you reach some conditions, they will give an exclusive Faction Skin.

you used to need it for jc and stations, now its only for taxes and if you can fly through an area of space with no problems.

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