Faction War Plex & LP Mechanics Change

FW Plex resource pool:
When a plex spawns, its allocated a # of LP and when the LP is all extracted from the plex, the plex is complete. To extract LP from the plex, a mobile claim unit needs to be anchored and linked to.

Mobile Claim Unit:
A new small anchorable structure that can be unanchored by anyone. Eligible faction war members can link to the claim unit to begin siphoning LP out of the FW Plex.

  • fixed rate of siphoning, equal distribution to those linked
  • Only while there is LP available can players link to the mobile claim unit.
  • The Mobile Claim Unit can not be unanchored while someone has linked to it.
  • Anyone can unanchored the claim unit and scoop it to their cargo
  • High resists while linked, low when unlinked
  • Link range of 100km
  • build costs equivalent to 3-5 T1 Destroyer hulls
  • Size around 25m3

additional thoughts on the mobile claim unit:
3 verities available Personal, Fleet & Faction - as the names imply this is who can legally link to the mobile claim units. People illegally linked can be valid targets without consequence (loss of faction standings) for engaging.

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