Faction weapons dont need t2 to create with capability to use t2 ammo problem

There is nice thing comming, that is being able to use t2 ammo with facion guns as we are able to do it on capital size guns already.

It is nice change and it will make faction weapons useful finally but theres problem with LP store weapons because they need t1 variant to get it.

My suggestion is to make LP store weapon and blueprint require t2 varriants to make it same as with capital weapons.
We know that now every facion gun will be better than t2 variant, so this change is obligatory to maintain healthy market of t2 vs facion weapons.

https://imgur.com/a/OMxgcRv - actual BPC
https://imgur.com/a/dVv70MX - actual LP store price for weapon

For ex. capital gun bpc:

Yea altho using a t2 gun for lp store cost isn’t the big driving factor of their price.It’s the tags.

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