Factional Warfare battleship?

I have never used a battleship before. Do people use these in Factional Warfare?

Battleships are only allowed in large complexes. T3 cruisers are also only allowed in large complexes.

So I take it, I’m gonna feel like a bad motherfucker when I warp onto a site, only to be put in my place by Tengu Online


You might also experience a case of hot-drop-o’clock outside the complexes depending on bling and people’s boredom. Throw in the cost efficiency of just mobbing some poor shmuck with an angry swarm of frigates or T3Ds that can play around speed/sig tanking you and it gets even worse.

You can get some mileage out of a RHML fit, but the reload is painful. There are also some meme fits that use undersized guns… But unless you have really good skills and know exactly what you are getting into its good chance of a ship insurance claim arriving in your inbox fairly quick.

You can find plenty of battleship PvP vids that take place in FW lowsec. But that’s because the pilots know they’ll get fights there, not because they’re intent on running the ‘plexes.

If you can afford the losses, you can fly what you want. When you are just starting to pvp, that will get expensive very quickly.

I get it. I mean, I can barely win against other frigates, 1v1 if I get lucky. My skills are good but my knowledge is not. I suck at pvp

Well then don’t play this game alone.

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I have no friends though!

Depends entirely on the battleship in question. T3 aren’t what they once were.

You have plenty of friends you just don’t know it. All of your FW brethren are your friends. Talk a little. You’ll be surprised how far a little communication can get you.


I see battleships in Black Rise all the time. Especially super tracking Nightmares. ::shivers::

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Your right, the loki is even worse. But the other T3s are at least down to earth now, even if still a bit OP. Geddons make for great FW BBs. High tracking ships, RHML, and drone boats all work well.

Watched a faction apoc go ham and took down a heretic fleet a month or so ago

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does smart bombing tama count?

stay in frigates, they’re much cheaper and there’s a lot of them around.

take your time to learn how turret tracking works, and the same goes for scram kiting and what ships and weapons work best for this tactic. start with the comet.

if you want to fly something expensive in FW, to feel the adrenaline rush from knowing you’re in a high-risk ship, train into a daredevil and learn how to fit it properly.

get to know exactly what to avoid. because if you get caught in the wrong ship by the wrong opponent… let’s just say ejecting would be more useful than trying to fight.

but most importantly, as Stoner said a few comments above me, try talking to your militia mates. check if any fleets are available. it’s the best way to get to know people when you’re in an open organization like an NPC faction’s militia.

best of luck, friend. fly preposterous o7

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