Facwar incursions

just an idea for faction warfare gameplay to add a little fun and chaos.

Basic concept is opposing facwar militia groups get together to raid the other sides hs space.


These types of events dont happen every day and have to be gained through the mission agents, only the highest ranking should be trusted enough for hs raids
(so level 3 and 4; 3 would be frig and destroyer sized and level 4 could be cruiser and bigger)

a bit like group abyss play in that size of gang should be limited somehow (its a raid not a full blown attack)

objectives could be split between group and solo raids, combat, rescue and covert objectives (not sure if you can cloak in opposing faction highsec though…)

combat raids probably should have a beacon where as covert should not… and rescue should probably be scannable (probes as an extra random event) which any player can get involved in… though the rewards would be higher for the facwar group as the target for rescue - or kidnap would be worth far more in their custody within a certain timeframe.

Combat raids could be triggered on both sides, one for defence, the other for attack with maybe some update messages in the fleet chat (like mission spam)

concepts like smash and grab, search and destroy, rescue & intel gathering could be fleshed out a hundred different ways and adding a short timer to the missions would resolve any issues where players just wait til its quiet.

i could continue to add but anyway, i think the basic idea is clear. I think of this as something similar to the privateer wars of 2007/08 where there were always gangs fighting in hs on gates and such, moving rapidly through space to get to something.

The biggest problem with FW is farming, adding more things to farm is not a solution.

not relly farmable with a 15/30 minute timer that takes you to the opposing sides hs area.

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