HiSec PVE Wars

So what about some kind of militia wars but mainly focusing on HS PVE? Not too much work needed to be done but i think it’s cool idea for more and cool PVE content for HS players.
Just a tip of that idea:
The nemies could be rats from easiest one to very hard (burner missions level) flying free on player and enemy territory, also missions with killing or ganking objective (OP forces landing after few seconds from first hit), escorting convoys for few systems or destroying enemy structures like pocos etc.
Every 2 days there will be “event” like mission for all in it’s own militia with objective to destroy citadel or maybe steal rocks from enemy moon mining (i think it’s cool because it’s giving solo players another chance to interract with others)

Militia already has a ton of missions and in the case of militia high/low sec doesn’t matter because you are attackable by the opposing factions anyways.

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