Falied Diplomacy - NPC Null pirates

Failed Diplomacy is a corporation that has no blues. We live in NPC null and hunt the surrounding areas of nullsec. We consider ourselves to be a corporation of self sufficient players.

What we offer:
Black Ops BS hunting and dropping :ship:
Combat Recon NPC null fun :helicopter:
Cloaky T3 all around combat :speedboat:
No blues. :boredparrot:

What we are looking for:
PVPers that may or may not be that experienced
Decent amount of SP (if u got 10mil sp with nothing in covert ops, please move on)
Communicators, all combatants are required to be on coms during fleets.

What we are not looking for:
PVE focused individuals

If you are ready for jumping into the deep end of piracy in nullsec, we have EXPERIENCED Hunters ready to put you and your ship right into harms way!

If you are interested, please send a message to:

RedHair Shankz
Metal Icarus

(If you can talk shit in chinese, that a bonus)

We have no blues whatsoever. Hence the name Failed Diplomacy.

NPSI fleet pilot? Love Nullsec PVP? Need a place to shoot the ■■■■ and shoot ■■■■?

Join Failed Diplomacy!

Casual PVP at its finest!

No fucks given.

This year we are focusing on welcoming our Chinese Overlords!

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