Farm products and food products?

Recently I bought 30 units of dairy products in one hi-sec system and sold them for a tiny profit in another hi-sec system. I think it would be nice if players could produce farm products in hydroponic facilities and sell them. Maybe even process them to add value and then sell them.

The descriptions for farm and food products say they are in “high demand,” but I never see anything that is in high demand. Not frozen seeds, or wheat, or tobacco, or dairy. At least not in hi-sec. I never venture into systems of less than 0.5, so maybe it’s different there.

I don’t care if the profit margin is tiny, I would really like to see more opportunities in food products. I’m an alpha and have fun producing and selling frigates armor and missiles, but it would be nice to have other things to do as well. There’s not much reason to get a paid account. Most of the game seems to be oriented toward fighting, ganking, griefing.

I don’t expect this idea to ever be implemented… Just a thought on a cold, gray winter day.

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you are wrong
alpha = trial status, omega= the normal status where you can discover the entire universe and have hundreds of different activities thaat you can try: explo, be a diplomat, a pirat, a trader, what you want,…
“fighting”? yes this is a pvp game. When you play Call of Duty, do you say “wow there is nothing else to do than fighting?”
The pvp setting gives some taste and some value to your activities
Because, if you would like to haul food products day after day in a totally safe environment, and you find it fun, can i suggest you to find some games more oriented toward building, producing etc. Farm simulators? etc.
“griefing”? don’t make the mistake: reading a few grief posts on the forum or reddit does not mean that the 30 000 other characters online are griefers
“ganking”? rare. and usually due to some mistakes from the ganked player (not paying attention, flying expensive ship, hauling expensive things, not scouting, bad fit etc
it seems to me that you made your opinion about the game without fully playing it, just from readings on forum and reddit
so my advice:
pay your abo, uprade to omega, embrace the challenge, visit this large universe, learn, improve, say “gf” when you get killed,…or stay alpha and keep on hauling food products and you will probably stop playing in a few weeks…

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@Wyk Bathana - What, exactly, are you going to do if I don’t leave Eve? What’s it to you? Why should YOU care how I choose to spend my free time? I don’t need you to tell me what Eve is and isn’t. I had a paid account years ago, and have probably been playing this game much longer than you. No, it’s not a pvp game. It’s a “sandbox.” Clearly, you have not played online games very much and you don’t know what a “sandbox” is.

Go and do your school work, son.


is it a joke?
i did not threaten you about anythg so i won’t do anythg if you don’t follow my advice
you said that you are an alpha, which, usually, means that you are a new player. That’s why i took the time to give you some advices, so that a supposedly new player doesn’t keep on hauling food in alpha status with misconceptions about eve community (griefing and ganking…)
I could argue with you and ask you why an old player like you has misconceptions about eve, but since you are arrogant and very agressive, i won’t spoil more time with you.
Were’nt you the guy who was complaining about griefing? lol
Keep on hauling food in your sandbox, man. Have fun.

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It would be nice to have other areas like you mention to get involved in, there are many of those “trade objects” that seem pointless unto themselves, but to produce something is satisfying no matter how small it is


You can still haul trade goods between NPC stations for profit but this is a relic of a bygone era before the player markets were well established. There used to be NPC convoys that moved these goods around but I haven’t seen them for years. I would like to see the few remaining trade goods that have utility in the game (i.e. hydrogen batteries) converted to PI or advanced components.

There is a lot of old stuff like this in the game - how many players still run the circle missions? I think CCP needs to hire a hoarding therapist to help clean up some of the old junk!

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My point exactly. Production, to me is fun. I see Eve as a place to find refuge from the pandemic and everything else that is happening in real life. Right now I do a lot of ore mining, which I find to be very relaxing. I also produce and sell ships, missiles and armor. Having production options other than war-related options, even if they have a low profit margin, would be fun for some of us. Maybe a lot of us. Not everyone likes blowing things up.

I really enjoy researching the market and buying trade goods from somewhere, loading up my Probe, and selling them many systems away. I enjoy the experience of traveling through systems I have never visited before.


Good luck in your journey. I myself am heading for a break as I am finding the game a chore at the mo, not sure how long that break will be mind you, eve is still mildly addictive even after all these years.

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Thank you. I have also taken breaks over the years. But yes, it is an addictive game. In these times, it can be a much-needed distraction from real life.

Right now I’m looking for new things to produce and sell. When I had a paid account I was doing the same things I’m doing now as an alpha: mining, producing ships, armor and missiles, and selling them. Back in the day I had a mining barge and a cargo ship. I briefly joined a corp in null, but that was no fun at all. Eventually I formed my own corp and pretended to be an interstellar entrepreneur along the lines of Poul Anderson’s character Nicholas van Rijn, supplying instruments of war to all buyers.

I don’t expect my proposal for more things to produce to ever be implemented, but it’s fun to think about. This is just a game, but to have a realistic economy, I think there should be many, many products to produce and services to sell, not all of them related to blowing stuff up.

I’ve started watching a youtube video series from a French Canadian guy. just his thought and decision making process since his time in game, i think tehre are 52 episodes and I am on Episode 18, he wants to create an industrial empire.

Just go tme thinking about the game in general. I am still heading for a small break but decided that I am (at least until me next decision lol) going to step away from PVP and so am selling off all my stockpiles of PVP related kit and ships.

I am going to concentrate on PVE and Industrial activities as it seems quite involved and potentially interesting.

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On Saturday I had a pleasant and helpful encounter with some people in help chat. In my experience that’s a rare thing in this game–to meet people who are actually helpful. Inspired by that, I decided to reactivate my old paid account. I was surprised to see that I created my main character in 2005! Such a long time ago. And I have another character on that account that I forgot about. I spent yesterday trying to gather all my stuff in the same system where my alpha character [this one] lives. So much stuff accumulated back in the day. And for some reason I have 2 mining barges (Covetor?). Oh well.

Something to help beat back the depression of dealing with this terrible pandemic…

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I think it depends on the day, ive heard other talk totally the opposite about the help channel :slight_smile:

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