Why not more things for players to produce?

Looking at the market screen while I mine, I’ve always wished it were possible to produce more things. Why can’t players produce bacteria, or food products? Or narcotics? Or some of the many compounds and materials I see listed.

I know it’s unlikely that any new producible items will be added, but for those of us who live almost exclusively in hi-sec, it would make things more interesting.

I think you can produce like boosters in a wormhole which is considered drugs I believe but I think that the most you can do

Can’t you make bacteria and livestock from PI too? And biomass if you count that as food…

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I’ve never been to a wormhole. I’m still trying to figure out how to do gas cloud mining, haha.

Even if profitability were very low, it would be fun to be able to produce more things. I know the high value substances are in lo-sec and 0.0 space. But I’m just not going to move there. Trying to mine but having to run for cover every few minutes when enemies arrive in-system is not how I’m going to spend the small amount of gaming time I have.

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you must be in a very special part of high sec if gankers come in every few minutes. That’s highly unusual (and hard to believe…)

You can do PI in high sec (if you are omega) and produce a lot of different things. And ninja gas mining in wormholes can indeed be quite profitable. There is a lot you can do even if you stick to high sec. Try to find some videos from industrial players on youtube (ex.: delonewolf) or something.

Bacteria are a P1 material from PI
Food (Livestock at least) are also part of PI
Narcotics (Boosters) can be made via reactions in an Athanor

Bioweapons could be fun. Introduce a nerve agent to Jita 4-4…

Nerve agents are chemical weapons, not biological.

Ricin and saxitoxin are somewhat grey (Scheduled chemical weapons produced biologically).

There’s already the local communications channel. Not sure what more you could want.


There are thousands of things you can produce - practically everything you see on the market is produced or harvested by players. The main exceptions are meta modules - currently available as loot drops but they will be player manufactured once module tiercide is complete.

As a highsec industrialist you can participate in multiple links in the value chain. Harvesting minerals and PI; research and invention; production and markets. Some stuff like reaction materials can’t be harvested in highsec and need to be purchased.

@Erethond–I didn’t say I encounter enemies in hi-sec. I said lo-sec and 0.0. I said getting attacked and having to run every few minutes is why I don’t want to move there.

Only new thing I want to make is freed slaves from slaves. Or scientists or tourists or whatever.


(Of course some folks might want the process to be reversible)

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Only if I can enslave the other silly baseliners who think their opinions matter. :wink:

Well, perhaps I’m missing something. I am a casual player who does not know every intimate detail of the EVE universe. On the market screen I’ve looked at items such as fertilizer, biofuels, water, oxygen, industrial fibers and silicon, and I can’t figure out how to produce them. Are there blueprints for these products?

These are bulk items that might not appeal to those who want to maximize their ISK per hour and become amazingly rich as quickly as possible, but for those of us who stay in hi-sec and like to produce things, they might be a welcome change of pace from mining and producing ammunition. Make them low-profit, high-bulk products. My point is that being able to produce something that doesn’t have 15 ingredients, some of which are only available in sub-0.6 space, might be fun for a lot of us.

If EVE is a sandbox with a player-driven economy, give us more things we can make.

Players produce all of those things you mention through Planetary Interaction. Good news, you can even make them in high sec space! They do not use blueprints but other ways.

If you want to see what a certain selection of planet, try this website.

The vast majority of things you see on the market are player made.

There are thousands of items and ships to produce, you just have to be Omega to do it…

I think that almost everything you see in the market tab, beside blueprints, are player made or player looted. There are just a few exceptions really.

Right now I’m only an alpha. I had a paid account several years ago, and have considered either re-activating it or upgrading my alpha account. It depends on how much fun I am having this time around in the EVE universe.

Around this time last year, CCP proposed a conversion… device…

This part of it is hilarious. The amounts recycled from a single corpse. Some people won’t get it, some will…