New PI Interaction - Crop Growing

I noticed in the recent event that there were a lot meals offered as rewards. I think that the meal rewards should be made into PI commodity.

Once the crops are grown and harvested they are then made into Boosters and Accelerators that can be sold on the market. Some of the boosters made from the crops would increase probe efficiency, tracking, velocity, shield boosting but by only a small percent. The effects however would last longer and would not have any of the harmful side effects associated with boosters.

The Accelerators would provide less Attribute points but for a longer period of time.

The draw back would be that only either the powder based or crop grown boosters and accelerators could be used. Using a powder based booster would not be allowed with a crop grown booster. The same with the Accelerators.

Different regions of New Eden would provide different crops to create different boosters and accelerators from as would Sleeper Space.

The chance of a successful crop would depend on the planet type that is grown on of course as a Temperate planet would be more hospitable for growing crops than a Lava or Gas Planet would be.

Just an FYI: Biofuels + Proteins = Livestock. Technically can make food although it’s not used in boosters.

Well, if it be possible to set up Space Farms as well, quite possibly in different sizes. I’d be all for that…

Though why only make boosters/accelerators? As one thing that sort of irk’s me is that NPC people apparently do not need any food or beverages. I get that for Capsuleer gameplay (aka ours) food is basically just an annoyance (as would be fuel) … but for any interaction with stations/planets/moons that house actual People, food/drinks could be a great commodity to trade. Not saying you should not be making those boosters, just that having a counterpart to it sound healthy as to not flood the market with a lot of boosters.

I would imagine something like:

  • NPC’s make/grow some % of their own galactic food needs, and NPC corps would shuttle it around (to provide opportunity for thieves and badguys).
  • Some NPC food production area’s offer some of the produce on the Market Place.
  • Players can produce food on a planet, or in a station.

Food Gets used:

  • NPC stations/planets/moons have a Food ‘need’, based on this need they will put Buy order on the Market for the amount of food needed. Every so often the Station would check if demands are met, if not the buy order gets reset to offer a higher price for the food.
  • IF PI stations actually have NPC people working in them, they too should probably have Food needs to be satisfied by the Owner. If the Owner doesn’t satisfy these needs, efficiency should go down (loss basically) which gets converted to ISK, and the Customs Office (or w/e it’s called) could spawn a Black Market, where this ISK gets used to Set up Buy Orders for The Specific Goods in demand.
  • AND the suggestion made by the OP (Otheello Bennington) could be a good demand for Food items too.

PS. Something similar could be done for ‘Commodities’ in general, Holoreels come to mind, but surely there are other things already in the game that would classify as a Commodity. I could even imagine NPC stations making Commodities out of Basic Salvage and Relic Yield. They would have a basic demand for these parts, and prices would be set upon fulfilling that demand…

These types of NPC markets would be great for setting some base ‘rewards level in ISK’ for various types of items, and compete with players to a medium reward level if demands aren’t met. Making sure the NPC’s can’t fulfil their own needs throughout the galaxy, this would in turn offer gameplay and opportunity to business and industry (and agricultural as well :wink: type players.

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Make the interacting with NPC’s somewhat more real.

Providing food to NPC stations would keep the workers at their utmost levels of working.

If the workers aren’t fed then the markets and facilities of the station would receive penalties.

By helping to keep the NPC station workers fed, the player would receive LP for their actions. To keep LP farming down the stations would randomly experience food shortages due to what ever reason. The player would then assist the station in providing food for the workers until the level of stored food returns to a normal level.

It’s where all the whales are at, if we can draw in a few bills get paid and maybe we can have more stuff…

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