Feature request: align to acceleration gate shortcut

I enjoy flying incursion fleets with my friends. When we approach and acceleration gate to enter the site, the FC tells everyone to align to the gate so that we can all enter the site together. The only way we know how to do this is to press and hold that “Q” key on the keyboard and then double-click in the direction that the acceleration gate points.

I use a variety of assistive technology techniques in order to play the game despite my severe disability. For example I operate my mouse by moving a joystick with my lip, I click mouse buttons with tiny micro switches that I hold in my right hand, and I use dictation software Dragon NaturallySpeaking for dictation and any keyboard commands. For example I can file my weapons by saying “Press F1” or I can deploy drones by speaking “Press Cap Foxtrot” to press a capital “F” key.

However my dictation software has no capability to press and hold anything except Control, Shift, Alt, or Windows keys. There is no voice control command for “Press and hold Q”. Currently I issue a voice command “Press Q” and frantically try to double click my mouse button before the dictation program releases the key. It generally takes about three tries and with a 12 second align time on my Nightmare, I’m often the last one through the gate.

Could we possibly get a keyboard shortcut or an icon we could click or some sort of right click submenu that would allow us to align to an acceleration gate? Such a command would greatly improve the accessibility for people like me.

Thank you for your time. Fly safe everyone.


I think if I were you I’d send ccp a ticket on this and see what they have to say. I’ve heard they’re generally pretty good at assisting people to play their game.

Also you might find this (older now, but still …) article and the organization linked to in it of some interest:

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No need to hold Q, just doubleclick in space along the direction the gate points.

Just learn to manually pilot by doubleclicking in space if you want ‘advanced techniques’ like taking the gate at the same time. It will help you in app parts of space if you know how to do that, not just incursions.

If your fleet members cannot do that, they can also simply take the gate and let the game do actions like aligning for them.

By the way, ‘align to acceleration gate’ can already be done but is the wrong action as it aligns you towards the gate, which can worst case be the opposite direction you want your ship to go if you happen to be ‘behind’ the gate.

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Good idea contacting CPP with a ticket. Maybe they have a suggestion. That said, i can see a shortcut that he can set being a nice option that would allow people with various degrees of disabilities. He has a video on youtube where he shows how he does fly EVE with all the tools he has. Playing Eve Online Using My Wheelchair Joystick - YouTube

@Gerard_Amatin Check the video, clicking in space is not that easy

I think it is important that you want an “align in the direction of the gate” option. As alogning to gate as it is right now will not be helpful :slight_smile:

Okay, I can see how it is more difficult to doubleclick in space in that case!

However, I still do not see why we need a ‘align in direction of the gate’ option as people can just use the ‘take gate’ option as an already existing alternative.

The only downside of that that option is that some people will arrive in the site slightly slower than others.

But I’m sure a good FC can handle that.

Why not? Call it Align with or something and have it set your ship yaw and pitch to be the same as whatever ship or structure you are clicking.

Alternatively make it align your ship to the same point in space as the thing you are clicking, which probably has more uses but would give roughly the same result when it comes to the acceleration gate issue.

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