Feature Request: Certificate Gain/Loss Notification

Skill Certificates and Ship Masteries, while far from perfect, are a great way for players, especially newbies who don’t know any better (and don’t have the guidance of someone who does), to plan their skill training.

I propose that whenever a player skills up and satisfies the requirements of one or more certificates or ship masteries that they receive a notification that they have achieved them. I feel this would help bring attention to this feature of EVE, which not all players are aware of. Clicking a certificate notification would direct you to the certificate in the character sheet and select the appropriate level, and clicking a ship mastery notification would open the info window the the ship’s mastery tab and select the appropriate level.



Likewise, whenever a certificate level or ship mastery is lost (due to SP loss via injectors, T3C destruction, etc), players should be notified, perhaps giving them the motivation to reclaim their lost glory!

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