Federation Peacekeepers/Nadire Security Consultants Report to Federation Combined Special Task Force 15 – Terrorist Incident in Intaki

Federation Peacekeepers/Nadire Security Consultants Report to Federation Combined Special Task Force 15 – Terrorist Incident in Intaki

Date: 2nd October YC125/FC240

To: Federation Combined Special Task Force 15 Capsuleer Liaison, Federation Peacekeepers Command

CC: Intaki Assembly Intelligence, Durand, Arthur. Special Agent, Nadire District Office of Special Investigations, Federal Intelligence Office, Federation Marshals Service.

Subject Matter: Terrorist Attack on Intaki V Orbital Shipyards

Classification Level: Restricted

Summary of Report:

This report has been prepared in the aftermath of the terrorist attack on the Federation Navy’s orbital shipyard above Intaki V (Intaki Prime) on the 5th of September YC125/FC240. It also contains the Peacekeepers’ intentions in investigating and pursuing those responsible to bring them to Federal justice.

Body of Report:

On the 5th September YC125/FC240, an Iteron-V class vessel moored near the Intaki V Orbital Shipyards and proceeded to detonate several explosive devices along the facilities there, causing minor damage to the infrastructure and as of yet unknown number of casualties. After several minutes, their vessel appeared to have self-destructed. Footage of the vessel before it’s destruction is attached to this report for viewing.

The capsuleer pilot of the vessel that addressed the local fluid routers whilst carrying out the attack on the Shipyard has been identified as ‘Arania Hespiros’. This is almost certainly a pseudonym and very little information exists to verify their history or movement since their graduation from the University of Caille. The services of a Locator Agent revealed that their presence was last registered in the Federation Navy Anchorage, but it is there the readily identifiable trail ends.

‘Arania Hespiros’ is almost certainly a false identity conceived to throw off investigators from whomever is truly behind the attacks – now that they are known to us it is unlikely that we will see ‘Arania Hespiros’ again on the spacelanes outside of potential propaganda broadcasts.

Our liaison with the Special Department for Internal Investigations/Federal Intelligence Office, Agent Schmidt, will be investigating the situation to discern the identity of the perpetrators with the ultimate objective of bringing them to justice. Additionally, they will also seek to confirm if this is linked to the ongoing unrest in the Pegeler District. Unfortunately, most of the physical evidence was destroyed and irrecoverable by the time that Peacekeeper assets were able to respond to the scene. Notably, the flight recorder appears to have been deliberately corrupted or erased, as little viable data has been reconstituted. What little has been recovered is being scrutinised by our forensic specialists in concert with partner agencies.

Further to this, I have elected to engage the services of an asset of mine, a hacker that is associated with underworld elements, to go through what we have recovered so far. Understandably, any evidence obtained through this avenue cannot be admitted to the official legal process, but if it can be utilised to identify the perpetrators of this attack, further evidence can be obtained through agreed procedural methods.

The asset in question shall be codenamed “Kittyhawk” in this report, and in further reports made to all parties on this subject.

I can personally attest for the reliability of this asset as she has been instrumental in rooting out associates of the Gallentia Primacy in District and Federal governments for surveillance and neutralisation. Nonetheless, the flow of information will be compartmentalised to prevent classified material from being revealed to non-Federal assets in line with agreed information security protocols.

Further reports shall be composed as and when appreciable updates to the current situation have been obtained.

For Liberty and Justice and Freedom.

Edward Adams
Commander – Prime Executive
Federation Peacekeepers


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