Federation Peacekeepers/Nadire Security Consultants Report to Federation Combined Special Task Force 15 – Athounon VI Assessment

Federation Peacekeepers/Nadire Security Consultants Report to Federation Combined Special Task Force 15 – Athounon VI Assessment

Date: 17th October YC125/FC240

To: Federation Combined Special Task Force 15 Capsuleer Liaison, Federation Peacekeepers Command

CC: Federal Intelligence Office, Federation Marshals Service, Durand, Arthur. Special Agent, Nadire District Office of Special Investigations.

Subject Matter: An Assessment of the Current Military Situation on Athounon VI – Recommendation for Indictments against Taayusaka Eskeitan and its personnel.

Classification Level: Classified - Secret

Attached: Draft Copy of Federal Indictment Charges

Summary of Report:

This report has been prepared at the behest of the Federation Peacekeepers Command to assess the ongoing military situation in Athounon VI, in respect of renewed aggression against the member states on that planet by Taayusaka Eskeitan, for dissemination between the attached parties. Additionally, it also makes a recommendation for formal indictments to be brought against

A copy of this report has been made available to certain allied parties in the Federal Defence Union with interests in Athounon/Serthoulde, with the necessary redactions to be classified as Unrestricted, as well as the removal of the proposed indictment and sanction charges against Taayusaka Eskeitan.

Body of Report:

The system remains under the control of the Caldari State as a ‘rear-guard’ system, supported by the presence of a significant capital armada of the Caldari Navy and the unfettered access to Black Rise afforded by the operational stargate to Samanuni. The continued deployment of this armada effectively prohibits the system from truly becoming ‘rear-guard’ for the Federation, as seen when Federal Defence Union forces successfully liberated the entirety of Serthoulde earlier this year.

That the system is also subject to an ongoing Triglavian Collective presence as a minor-victory system, as part of their ‘Forest of Glorification’ as EDENCOM Intelligence Services have interpreted them to be. Collective Entropic Disintegrator Werposts continue to be deployed throughout the system as well as roaming patrols of Collective warships. As a result, there is minimal activity from the Federal Navy and the Federal Defence Union in the space theatre.

The military situation planet-side on Athounon VI varies from secure to dire depending on the geographical location, as several sectors have managed to successfully repulse forays by Caldari State elements whereas others have found themselves mired in heavy combat. Maintaining logistics routes from space remains an issue, as there are minimal opportunities for Federal-aligned forces to successfully execute resupply and casualty evacuation flights to the surface. Planetary air superiority continues to be maintained by Federal forces over Federally-controlled territory, and there is an extensive contiguous frontline surrounding occupied territory. However, in occupied locations, State forces remain entrenched and fortified that precludes an immediate counter-offensive to dislodge their position and throw them back into orbit.

Since the 20th of August FC240/YC125, Taayusaka Eskeitan paramilitary forces have been engaged in an armed campaign against the member states and Federal military forces stationed on Athounon VI, deploying numerous mechanised infantry battalions supported with armour and air assets to assault several settlements. It is also alleged that Clone Infantry forces have acted in support of Eskeitan offensive operations to secure spaceport facilities – the identity of this group is currently unknown. Eskeitan paramilitary forces have now switched to a strategy of besieging settlements with the goal of withering their resistance through severing supply lines, whereas initially they were appearing to have focused more on extraction of assets, using tactics that are noticeably similar to those employed by Lai Dai’s 203rd Combined Asset Protection Regiment in the Intaki system.

First-hand witness reports from Federal Marine scout elements have confirmed that several settlements, mostly villages, have been completely depopulated and in some cases, destroyed due to the fighting. Refugees from these areas have relocated to safer areas on Athounon VI and will likely put further strain on their resources to house and feed them – likely an intended and desired consequence.

Most recently, it has been confirmed by our sources on Athounon VI that the industrial city of Cieléclat has been captured by Taayusaka Eskeitan after they laid siege to the settlement for approximately one month. All remaining visible resistance has ceased, and contact has been lost with the headquarters of the garrison and its Commander, Jonatya Fauneux.

Concerningly, there has been no further attempt at a breakout since early October that saw a corridor to Federal controlled territory briefly open, enabling a sizeable force to withdraw to friendly territory. Since then, only small groups of individuals have been spotted filtering out at nightfall, with varying degrees of success. An intricate network of checkpoints has been established throughout the city and its approaches, and it is confirmed that the city’s automated defence system has been hijacked by Eskeitan forces. It can only be assumed that the remaining defenders have either been captured or eliminated in their entirety. Knowing the preference of the Taayusaka Eskeitan’s Chief Executive, I can only fear the worst for their fate.

Observations have been made of a Gwennan-class Warbarge vessel in flight above the city of Cieléclat by our scouting teams present planetside. Flights to and from the vessel from Eskeitan positions suggest that it is aligned with and acting in a support capacity to their forces. If confirmed, this Warbarge would be a priority target for destruction should the opportunity arise and if it becomes feasible. Consideration for such an endeavour should account for any debris striking Cieléclat and any surrounding population centres to minimise collateral damage.

Additionally, several detention camps have been constructed near spaceport facilities under the control of Taayusaka Eskeitan, supported by the unknown Warclone infantry. It is suspected with great authority that these are populated with captured Federal and Member State military, militia, and law enforcement personnel. A successful endeavour to liberate them from Eskeitan custody and transport them safely to friendly lines would grant a significant boon to the remaining resistance forces on Athounon VI. Nevertheless, great care must be taken in preparation and execution to ensure a successful extraction.

Furthermore, in the occupied areas of Athounon VI, if feasible and if not putting the local populace at undue risk of reprisal, guerilla and insurgent actions should be explored against those occupying forces. The option of engaging in targeted ‘kill or capture’ missions against identified commanding officers of the Eskeitan paramilitaries is on the table, and Peacekeeper assets have been briefed about the possibility of forward deployment to the system to engage in these activities – similar limited efforts have been conducted against LDPS 203rd CAPR personnel involved in the Intaki Crisis (see Operation Bhaadlyn – Most Secret Clearance required)

The presence of collaborating parties in the member states working with Taayusaka Eskeitan to further their objectives is troubling, and it is suspected that the rapid success that Taayusaka saw in their siege of Cieléclat is due in part to these traitorous elements. Not only does these elements present a problem in terms of operational security, but it also carries a morale element in that mistrust will spread, degrading cohesivity even further.

An important distinction should be drawn between fellow travellers that align themselves with the ideology of the Caldari State, and those that are coerced into rendering aid through hunger being weaponised or compelled through their families being held hostage. That distinction made, these activities still constitute treason and should be dealt with swiftly.

Ultimately, the end goal will be to liberate the system of Athounon (and wider Serthoulde) once again, but the timeframe for such an objective is currently not able to be determined. The optimal short-term strategy that we can currently do for the people of Athounon VI is to support their efforts on the ground, extract ourselves whatever it is Taayusaka Eskeitan are looking for, and draw their forces into a war of attrition that will sap their will to perpetuate their activities. Long-term, the system needs to be transformed into a ‘rearguard’ state upon successful de-activation of the stargate leading to Samanuni - the removal of the State armada is an imperative goal that must be achieved. If necessary, the permanent destruction or disablement of the stargate should be considered to severe the connection to Black Rise and resolve the problem once and for all.

It is also suggested that indictments be brought against the Chief Executive of Taayusaka Eskeitan, Remilia Malitia, the corporation itself be sanctioned, as well as senior officers of that corporation for their crimes against the Federal Union. A draft copy has been prepared to present the foundation of our legal case for review and further revision.

The Peacekeepers will of course be at the disposal of the Federation’s service, as one deems fit.

For Liberty and Justice and Freedom.

Edward Adams
Commander – Prime Executive
Federation Peacekeepers


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