Feedback on asteroid physics


if small ship rammed an asteroid, ship bounce away, im fine with that,
but if big ship such as titans rammed asteroid and titan bounce away, that is a big issue,
since this game trying to be as real-life as possible, why not the proper physics?

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With proper physics, asteroids would be moving at several km/sec - so would planets and moons. Bookmarks would be useless, collisions would release kinetic energy (1/2 mv^2). I personally think that would be an interesting game to play but suspect a lot of players will disagree!

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What about the asteroids in the asteroid belt in our own rl solar system. Are they moving too?

:thinking: What made you think that is the case? If that was true we were not flying space submarines. :wink: EVE is not a simulation game, just a space pew pew game. :rocket:

Speed will vary with distance from sun (closer = faster) average is about 25 km/sec.

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