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New Duchy Established

On YC123.03.27, The Khanid Kingdom ratified the petition to allow the renewed investiture of the Duchy of Fekhoya under the rule of Duchess Ithiria Deritan. Duchess Deritan was thought lost for several years and has experienced a meteoric return, collecting and consolidating assets old and new. Duchess Deritan pledges to bring stability and prosperity to the region.

In other news, Blood raider attacks are on the rise and duchy forces have been scrambled to address the growing threat. Several Minor victories have been noted by the authorities and loses appear to have been minimal, but specific details are still classified.

Divinity Social, the Social Media Hub continues to struggle under new management as membership and usage decreases. CEO Yvane Duvaul, fiancé to the Duchess, has commented that plans are underway to renew advertising efforts and that they are recruiting for support positions within the network and its subsidiaries.

This is Gavin Salihvir, Fekhoya News Network, signing off.

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Joint Operation to Stabilize Fekhoya Economy Successful

On April 25th, YC123, Joint operational forces of the Khimi Harar, representing the Ordo Crucis Noctilucae and Duchy Military Forces engaged in raids on four customs offices located in the Chamemi system. Four offices were involved and all were taken with minimal resistance. While generally falling under the mission of increasing stability in the Duchy, the Khimi Harar contact, Zeresh Chingul indicated that this op was just the latest step in a long-term effort to align interplanetary commerce surrounding the system to a standardized tariff system that is locally produced, sourced, and controlled.

The recent reinstallation of the Duchess to the seat of power within Fekhoya briefly caused some concerns among the locals, however it appears for the time being relations with existing legal power structures are trending positive and unlikely to result in any significant shakeups throughout the constellation. Diplomatic channels are open and this latest effort of collaboration is just one in a long series of collaborative efforts both planned and underway.

Though resistance was light, it is notable that in this Khimi Harar lead operation, that Duchy Military Forces were among the most effective combats in all four engagements. Pilot Phellan Kell logged top damage in three of the four captures. A name most people perhaps didn’t expect, newly minted capsuleer Julie Lemrenoy, yes that Julie Lemrenoy, brought the big ones sealing the deal for one engagement and landing the killing blow on the last. This is an excellent showing for auxiliary forces and the Duchy itself looks to be in good hands with competent capsuleers in service to the Duchess Ithiria Deritan.

Deena Evans, reporting for FNN.

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Duchy forces assist in defense of Kahah III

Gavin Salihvir, Fekhoya News Network.
Duchy forces answer the call to defend innocent civilians against the senseless attacks from Heretics and Terrorists. It is unclear at this time how these illegal forcer were able to deposit such large vessels in orbit undetected, but Imperial forces, along with Duchy military regiments were able to intercept and destroy the aggressors before too much damage was done to planetary resources and population centers.

Losses to Duchy forces were moderate. The Lady Duvaul’s personal flagship “Dove of Deritan”, so named after house iconography, was the only loss, however 4,588 souls were lost with her. The Lady Duvaul herself is safe and House Deritan has released a statement mourning the loss of all souls aboard. A memorial will be erected in their honor, and the families impacted by the losses will be cared for. Lady Duvaul will be holding a vigil and recitation when the monument is completed. The loss of the Dove of Deritan, while not catastrophic, does bode ill for the superstitious sort as this was her maiden voyage. House officials refused to comment further and indicate that the superstructure for the replacement is already being fabricated in Duchy shipyards.

This has been a local update. I’m Gavin Salihvir, Fekhoya News Network.

Public Interest Rises Amid Attacks
by Kalto Moxin

In the wake of the atrocities committed in Kahah by the Equilibrium of Mankind, widespread sorrow and shock is felt throughout the Fekhoya Constellation with citizens all over, both from colony and station, collectively mourning over the loss of such a magnitude.

Citizens all over are making a pilgrimage to the Temple of Peace at Bashyam IV to pay their respects at a week-long vigil to honor those that were lost on Kahah III. Those unable to travel have made due with a virtual vigil hosted over the Divinity Social network. Traditionalists throughout the constellation have criticized this as ‘distasteful’ but Divinity Social representatives have defended this as an efficient alternative to those unable to make the journey due to whatever personal restrictions are preventing them.

Meanwhile, a growing concern is appearing among the merchants of Fekhoya as the constellation received vast amounts of cheap foodstuffs from Kahah III up until this tragedy. While the constellation does have its own agricultural colonies spread out to remain self-sufficient, the influx of cheap food ensured marketplaces were well stocked with affordable food for all. Merchants are concerned at the effects this would have on the price going forward and rumors of merchants preparing to stockpile to take advantage of the situation are emerging and being swiftly dismissed.

“Kahah is not of our constellation, but it is of our wider Kingdom. These were still our people that were obliterated without mercy by crazed heretics. This was not just an attack on Kahah, this was an attack on all of us. What makes the situation worse is that Kahah III was a significant supplier of food to the region, food that our constellation even imported. While we mourn for those lost, we also have to fear the possibilities of shortages while we figure out new trade deals. People will claim I’m caring too much about money at the worst possible time, frankly It’s my job to be worried about the economics of this constellation.”

~Leader Unreth Temmasin, Fekhoya Merchant Coalition

FNN will continue to report on this should any new developments occur.

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Strife at Home, Food Shortages Feared
by Kalto Moxin

Internal drama among two rival houses are flaring up in the duchy after prominent cropland belonging to House Kazar is attacked by mercenaries presumed to have been operating under the orders of neighbouring House Telmerr

Both local to Afnakat V, House Kazar and House Telmerr have been political and ideological rivals for the past three generations. While their influence over the wider duchy’s political sphere is insignificant, they’re constant inflammatory interactions with one another are a common occurrence in the local rumor mill.

Today however comes the grave accusation by Holder Kegai of House Kazar that mercenaries in the employ of House Telmerr raided and razed a key piece of cropland that provided vital foodstuffs locally to the colony. The severity of this action is highlighted after the recent attack on Kahah III and the worries of food shortages in the constellation as a result.

Holder of House Telmerr - Alrexian Telmerr - denies these accusations and the local population are in agreement that House Telmerr has nothing to do with this attack. Supporters of House Kazar’s accusation however attribute this to the brain numbing amount of PR Telmerr has been peddling for the last two years.

Alrexian Telmerr is one of the youngest (Age 23) holders in the Duchy and considered by the youth as the most popular holder on Afnakat V. This in part due to his flamboyant public spectacles in the form of parties and feasts, numerous donations to schools and institutes across Afnakat V, hitting it big as a former investor into Divinity Social, his spot on the council for the Afnakat Merchant Guild and most bizarrely his own personal reality-holoreel series where he documents the lavish lifestyle of his house.

“It’s like this, right? Kegai might not be of my lineage, but I see him as a uh… Grandfather figure of sorts, you know? He’s an aged man - with wisdom - but always paranoid with what young lads such as myself are doing at all times. He’s always peering out his window to see if we’re misbehaving, trying to catch me in the act so he can tattle to the neighborhood and put me in my place like the whippersnapper I am… Of course I deny these accusations as Kegai is merely rushing to blame me like he does for every little inconvenience that comes his way. Despite all of that however? I love him, I can’t help but love the old man. Without him this planet wouldn’t have a thing worth trading, and trade is my business.”

~Alrexian Telmerr, Holder of House Telmerr

Holder of House Kazar, Kegai Kazar - is regarded by the population as a honorable and mature figure in the planet’s community and unlike House Telmerr that’s business is in trade - House Kazar has farms and factories all over Afnakat V. Making his family name a brand colonists have come to trust and depend on. However he has been criticized for his traditional and ‘outdated’ ways and lacking the charisma and star power of Alexian.

“Alexian is nothing more than a playboy opportunist that would not hesitate to sell off his own child to blood raiders if it meant improving his standing or wealth. He is taking advantage of a coming economic crisis to do just this, he hired these thugs to ravish my farmland to drive up the price of food, create a shortage so he can swoop in with a stockpile he miraculously has, sell it for a profit and build his image up as a savior for coming to save the day. He’s a shyster, a fraud and a wannabe be Gallentean celebrity that treats this colony as his personal piggybank.”

~Kegai Kazar, Holder of House Kazar.

While neutral authorities are already investigating these claims. There is speculation that this may be another EoM attack under the guise of mercenaries in Kingdom territory. However, the attack resulted in only a few casualties, with several guards on duty being shot dead, but slaves and non-combatants being left unharmed.


Relief of Suffering on Kahah III
by Kalto Moxin

Turmoil continues to engulf the surface of Kahah III after the devastation inflicted by the Equilibrium of Mankind earlier this month.

On the surface below, countless are struggling to cope with the tragedy that came before them after an Avatar-class Titan entered orbit and fired down six shots from it’s doomsday weapon. The destructive power against other capital ships alone is awe inducing, against a planetary colony is horrifying.

As you read this, on that colony surface is someone suffering due to the mayhem, infrastructure evaporated, family members turned to ash, sources of food razed. The list continues to go on and on.

In this time of crisis however, many have answered the call for help and have rushed to the scene to supply aid. First to lead the charge on humanitarian efforts after the smoked clear would be the Khanid region’s own Duchy of Fekhoya who have begun running a humanitarian campaign in the system to provide as much aid and assistance to the suffering population as quickly as possible. While providing their own supplies, other parties have already stepped forward donating their own stocks to contribute to the relief effort. Prominent Capsuleer Alliance Khimi Harah [LUMEN] have arrived on scene, bringing a wealth of medical goods and foodstuff and an equally impressive donation of pharmaceutical goods from Sorn Interstellar Industries.

“Lady Liliana Qadriyah Llŷr, Holder of the Archipelagic State of Llŷr on Nafrivik III, a LUMEN member, has taken point on LUMEN’s efforts. She is doing constant runs to Kahah III and Amarr, bringing supplies, medical personnel and has an in-orbit hospital ship on constant station. She is also using drop shuttles to take supplies etc to ground hospitals and is also evacuating refugees and survivors to a specialised dome settlement on Nafrivik III, at least temporarily. LUMEN has supplied SAR equipment and relief supplies in furtherance of her efforts. LUMEN, through Zekaien Hakotama among others, is also coordinating with other actors, such as the Disciples of Night, and has provided a donation to them as well so as to spread out efforts.”

~ Lunarisse Aspenstar

“we are proud to be working alongside Khimi Harah [LUMEN] and others from around the cluster to provide aid and relief to those affected by the Heretic Chakaid’s bombardment of the planet. Alongside of Khimi Harah we are also Hunting down EoM Heretics to help ensure another atrocity like this does not happen. Those that are assisting with Efforts in helping and saving lives as best as possible here I thank you from the bottom of my heart”

~ Duchess Ithi Deritan, Duchy of Fekhoya

Even now the needs of the masses are been unmet despite the powerful support of sympathetic Capsuleers. Enter aid camps set up are being swarmed by those in need of assistance, reports of fights breaking out for space aboard medevac transports and even concerns of a growing black market on the planet’s surface with some of the donations being sent planetside turning up stolen or ‘lost’ under uncertain circumstances.

To expand upon the humanitarian infrastructure to improve efficiency, the Duchy of Fekhoya have anchored a Raitaru in orbit of Kahah III to act as a platform for more rapid transfer of supplies and medevaced residents. Duchess Ithi Deritan declares the structure temporary to the situation and will be unanchored once it’s served it’s purpose.

Efforts thus far have absolutely eased some tension for Kahah III’s surviving residents, with donations thus far preventing any widespread starvation and the medical backbone of the effort has retained the life of many victims of the attack. There are reports however of those injured in muggings coming into aid camps, potentially adding creditability to the growing black market rumor, or a showcase of desperation plaguing the situation.

Should anymore developments occur, they will be reported here.


Kazar/Telmerr escalations
by Kalto Moxin

The drama on Afnakat V is reaching a whole new boiling point after official house Kazar forces raided a warehouse complex owned and operated by House Telmerr.

May 15th at 01:34, the automated security grid for the Hosue Telmerr warehouse was breached by an off-site cyber attack. 01:40, dropships bearing the Crest of House Kazar circled above the warehouse and began deploying several squads at various strategic entrances of the facility. By 02:10 the entire warehouse was under House Kazar occupation with all staff and guards being taken down with non-lethal measures and safely detained. By 2:20, flatbed trucks would enter the warehouse’ yards and occupying forces would begin loading select containers to be shipped away. After which Kazar forces retreated before reinforcements from House Telmerr could arrive.

Holder of house Kazar, Kegai Kazar - Has taken full credit for this attack and has issued the following statement.

"Authorities have found no ‘evidence’ in House Telmerr’s involvement in razing my farmland, but that only tells me how deep this juvenile’s corruption spreads. That even the men and women we trust to uphold law and order are people on the payroll of this silver tongued ruffian in silk robes!

It became apparent that House Kazar must take justice into its own hands and that is what I did by authorizing this attack. An attack that had a clear purpose. Take note of the utmost professionalism of my troops who ensured not one soul perished this day. All I was after was evidence in House Telmerr’s schemes, and we found it, years worth of non-perishable rations stored away in the same warehouse Telmerr places all of its goods set aside for trade… Alexrian Telmerr is attempting to create a food shortage through violent means so he can use this stockpile to turn a profit and boost his own image! I take this food not to make a profit myself, but to give it to the people who need it.”

~ Holder of house Kazar, Kegai Kazar

Following this statement, public representatives of House Kazar - Vivian Kazar - has overseen the distribution of the “acquired” rations free of charge to planetary garrisons and donating a sizable portion to the relief efforts in Kahah III.

Undoubtedly, House Telmerr had a heated and frustrated statement put out

“Kegai has officially lost it, no amount of implants have kept this man from going senile and outright committing PIRACY against another House openly. He didn’t like that I came out innocent from his frivolous accusations so in a fit, raided my house’s property and stole goods rightfully belonging to our name! What example does that set for us? That we’re above law and order and can just rob one another when the law doesn’t go our way? I demand the IMMEDIATE arrest of this so-called Holder and all of my stolen property either be returned or fully compensated!”

~ Holder of house Telmerr, Alexian Telmerr

Following this, House Telmerr put out the call to have it’s levy raised and put on high alert across all facilities and estates of House Telmerr and further augmented his forces by signing a lucrative defense contract with the Bastion Defence Corps to further amplify his manpower and defensive capabilities. In response, House Kazar has also called for the Levy to be raised, but has withheld from contacting any PMC of their own.

Should anymore developments occur, they will be reported here.

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Afnakat seems a much more violent place now than when Gutter Press reported that the Bottomless Pit had been found on Afnakat X.

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