Fellow High Sec Miners, Solo Merc mining in a null block is safer

Just wanted to let you know.

I go to the most deadend truesec systems and afk mine to my heart’s content while my main is one system in front ratting.

You can make about 180-220 mil an hour solo mining merc in a hulk.

Use a higgs rig and realign to friendly structures every 15-20 minutes.

Set speed to 16.6 m/s (one half your max speed with higgs), so you only travel 100m every 6 seconds.

Do yourself a favor and get out of high sec.


I assume you meant m/s not km/s. :thinking:

yes, 16.6 translates to 100 meters per 6 seconds, whereas even as much as 25m/s translates to 100 meters per 4 seconds, a 33% decrease in uptime; the acceleration takes 16.6 to 25 only takes 0.8 seconds, followed by an additional <0.5 seconds to hit 75% for warp.

All in all, it takes less than 1.5 seconds to warp from 16.6 m/s

I also have two small mobile disruptors in line with either gate in my system, in the event that I’m too slow to see local and not dual boxing my main (like while reading these forums)

By “too slow to see local” I mean like being even two seconds late to recheck it. We all know how fast a good hunter can reach you.

But you wrote km/s not m/s and 100km not 100m.

It’s rare to talk in m/s instead of km/s

Also, another piece of advice is to have two mining alts on the same account (if you’re a solo miner), and place either in separate systems (about 8-10 jumps apart, both being 4-5 jumps from the nearest active anathor compressor).

If someone decides to camp your system or attempt log-on attacks, just switch toons.

They are two different things: 16.6 km/s = 16600 m/s and 100 km = 100000 m.

Ok, I’ll make sure to kneel on rice Dr. Savage, please lash me with the typo whip.

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Just visit your local Amarrian priest to receive your punishment while you repent your sins. :wink:

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My Queen is @Aiko_Danuja ; she will decide my punishment for afk merc mining in null.

I’m willing to administer the punishment in my backyard temple but the priest will cost you 100M and the whip is for sale, not for rent… paid in advance.

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The sinner pays the costs, always. :wink:


Deal :smiley:


How dare you insult my queen with such a low price; do you think the Empress of the Cosmos a pauper?

It’s a deal on the downlow. The imperials won’t miss the whip and I’ll make a sacrifice to God to repent for it, it’s all good :smiley:


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