Few questions about the abyss event!

Does anyone know where/how I can get the ancillary mulaplasmids?

Do you get anything else apart from lore bits from the caches?

Anything cool about the event I might be missing?

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you can buy it on the market - it does not say you have to find it yourselfe … so i guess it can work

yes you can get BPCs and materials in the abyss pockets

i dont know what you think its cool but jumping back out from a pocket with 7% structure and 21 sec time left is really cool

ah yea and you get points … and this points get you skins and boosters

risk - reward is not cool … thats true


If you have 2-3 toons capable of running F1, F2 and F3 abyssal sites you can get about half a bil worth of boosters + some misc crap and some skin in one sitting. Start with F1 actually, I started the event with 3s and only later noticed you need to start from ones for one of the progression thingies to get points for it. So start with 1.

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