Few questions from a returning (maybe) player

Hello, i was playing Eve back in 2008/2013,
mainly station trading and i was doing pretty good.
I’m interested if market has changed and in what ways.
Other question is, does alpha players have any restrictions in the market trading, and can i use my trading char with skills i have trained him back in 2013.
Thank you on your responses. :slight_smile:

You certainly won’t have Tycoon, nor any of the other trade skills.

Broker Relations level 2
Marketing level 2
Trade level 3

That is what you can train and use as alpha.


I think you’ll find station trading as an alpha clone a little limiting. You will not have access to all the trading skills (as you can see from the link above), and will find yourself at a disadvantage to your competitors. For sure you can do it, especially if you stay away from the ultra-competetive markets, but it will be more difficult.

That said, since you left there have been many changes to the game including the addition of Skill Extractors (https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Skill_trading). Given you don’t need to train any more skills once you have the rather limited set of trading skills, you can actually sell off the skill points you train as an omega each month to other players for ISK, and use that ISK to by a PLEX. If you train your SP efficiently, you can earn enough to cover most, if not all, of the monthly PLEX cost to run the account as an omega. You can do that month after month, and keep your account going for nearly no ongoing cost. You won’t gain anymore SP, but you will have access to all the skills you already trained, including all the trading ones.

So, buy low, sell high, eh
I can do that :smiley:

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