Fiction and Black Rose — Think Twice Before Joining

For those who may have Googled “Fiction” (the corporation) and/or Black Rose (the alliance), be forewarned that this is not a trustworthy corporation. When I joined towards the beginning of 2021, it was run by some cool people. However, I had to leave the game for a little while and by the time a came back, the founder/director was gone.

In his place is a director that is disrespectful to players in the coms (curses at them, tells them to shut the f*** up, etc), gossips about everyone being a spy without showing proof, kicks people who he believes is a spy (again, without producing proof), and then kicks those who question his irrational actions.

Most of what Fiction and Black Rose’s recruitment page claims are their values are absolutely the opposite at the moment in time. It may have started decent, but the director that is in charge now is a person on a power trip.

I’m writing this warning because just last night he kicked dozens of players with billions of ISK worth of stuff in the stations for allegedly being spies…dozens of people…" all spies "…again, no proof. wasn’t one of those who were kicked but I did leave after seeing all the toxicity.

If you were to get fooled into joining Fiction and/or Black Rose, you’ll be walking into an uphill battle…one that I predict Fiction and Black Rose will be losing in the future.

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Just to get this straight:

I am a happy and proud member of fiction, so if you say that my opinion is influenced, you will be entirely correct. I am not diplo, but I feel that this deserves to be answered

Yes, there were changes. Yes there was a new leader of the alliance. Yes, there were purges. In that part, you are correct.

Regarding the leader - he was going through some RL stuff and because of this, he has stepped down and a new leader was elected. Yes, he can be impulsive. Yes, in the heat of battle, he sometimes shouts (or something that could be interpreted as shouting, regarding the adrenaline, it seems entirely OK to me.), however, he doesn’t curse at people, and he never shouts in an offensive manner. And actually, the last fleet we went on together, he has apologized to me after the battle, because he felt that he was too harsh to me (I felt OK).

Regarding the purge: some long time members were purged. There wasn’t much proof available to everyone, that is true, but there were mail conversations of those people, that were pretty convincing. And after they were kicked, they joined the exact alliance that they were accused of spying for. That seems like a proof to me.

I hope that this helps at least a little bit to make things straight. When the spies were convicted, they have been toxic and said that there are no proofs - what spy wouldn’t do that. If this is the honest experience you have with Fiction, I am sorry for that and I wish that you could see Fiction at its best, my experience is just different - I find it a place where to hang out with my new space friends. And your prophecies of uphill battles, we are right now successfuly repelling yet another invasion… And most importantly, we’re having fun doing just that!

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Seems theres a handful of spy rings trying to inject themselves into corps in that area the last few months, not just into fiction. I’m sure the purge was due.

i am no member but you should ALWAYS provide proof if what i read is true hes a incompetent leader.

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