Fight skill point creep

With the existence of skill injectors balancing of high power toys becomes very difficult for CCP because players can inject into using within hours in masses. See the Rorqual debacle.

My proposal to address this issue has two measures:

  1. hard cap the usage of injectors at a threshold, for example at 100M SP (number has to be carefully decided)

  2. Increase the skill requirements of high power tools, in order to require more than the threshold to effectively using it.

This will keep injectors valid, but gives room for rare, expensive but powerful toys to aim for. Players will be able to inject close, but only normal training will make them master in the new toys.

What do you think? Was this ever discussed before?

About the Rorqual, the problem was not that people start to inject skillpoints to use them. They already have the skills, they were almost there or just train for it in a couple of weeks/months. Another problem was that they overdo it with the Rorqual and other big toys. Is not Injector Problem, is a non-prediction problem. As they usually said, very often they do not predict some of the stuff we do with what they give to us.

Also, the more skillpoints you have, lees SP you gain from Injectors. From 100M is only 150k per injector, which is not that useful, in term of the investment. And if you don’t care about the money, is a SP Sink which is good for the game.

And preventing the +100M Injectors won’t prevent Injector Rorquals, as they do not need 100M Chars, they are just going to create a fresh one and inject everything. Also, preventing that you also are excluding players. I may want to inject one injector to gain something that I miss but needed, even if is expensive, why a -100M can and I cant, even if is less effective?

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