It's time to nerf injectors

If anything I believe Injectors are at the core of a lot of what is wrong with EVE today. Frankly, I see their purpose and am not saying I am against them. I do believe that the way they work is much to generic.

Here’s a thought on how I see Injectors could find a better use and be less disruptive for the game:

Rework of injectors “effectiveness” based on characters SP count at time of injection:
Upto 8M SP adds 500K unallocated Skill Points
8-15M SP adds 250K unallocated Skill Points
15-25MSP adds 100K unallocated Skill Points

From 25M SP injectors no longer function

This will retain the function to allow players to ‘catch up’ or for alts to be quickly allowed to fly subcap scouts/cyno or similar but will remove the ability to insta inject anything (big).

Just a thought…

Isn’t it the farming that’s the real issue though?

Injectors represent a significant revenue stream for CCP - extractors need to be purchased from the NES and training queues need paid accounts. If overuse of injectors by experienced players results in an unbalanced game, CCP can simply nerf the activity to restore balance - as they did with Rorquals. In the game economy, as in the real economy, bubbles will eventually pop.

People farm because of how injectors work and how profitable they are.

Extractors and injectors need to be reworked so that

  1. Injectors are actually cheap enough for new players to afford
  2. Injectors can’t be used past a certain (low) SP ceiling, say 10mil SP or 20mil SP (which is MORE than enough SP).
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