Fighters, and Crashing to Desktop

This has happened multiple times for me. The first was a large battle involving several thousand people. The second time was on SISI with a 100 v 100 super fight (I was in a Nyx). Then last night the same thing in a low sec fight on Tranq near a fort, where I was flying a Megathron. The fight was about 150 v 100 characters with about 50 Supers showing up at the end and launching their fighters (was when I DC’d).

I’m thinking this isn’t a local client resource issue, as I’ve got plenty of system and graphics memory, a decent CPU and a decent GPU. Last night we didn’t have any TIDI so I’m struggling to blame server resources either.

There’s an actual BUG or issue with fighter code somewhere that needs fixing. I don’t mind DCing in a Mega or Macheriel, though it’s extremely annoying but when it happens in my 25+ bill Super I’m going to be really unhappy.

Any word from devs about this? Known problem? Working on it? Gathering data?

Come on CCP , somebody… are you looking into it? It’s a huge issue for fleet fights.

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