[RESOLVED] 20240418 - Client crash when recalling fighters

UPDATE: A fix for this issue has just been deployed. Your launcher will apply the update automatically however if you have EVE clients already running when the launcher patches you will need to restart them for the fix to be in effect.


After today’s update some players may be experiencing client crashes, particularly when recalling fighters or operating in space where another player’s fighters are present. We are working on a fix for this issue which will be deployed as soon as practicable.

In the meantime you can mitigate the risk of crashes by opening the Escape menu, selecting the Display & Graphics category and setting Shadow Quality to Disabled.


We’ll provide further information on the progress of the fix as it becomes available!

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Someone bought all the shadows and made the fighter market crash ?

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Always do your Quality Assurance on the live server

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And what did you do besides 2 for 1 today, there isnt patch notes

You are enabling autosrp for loses due to DC, right?

Recalling is not the trigger.
Warping while fighters out crashes 90% of the time.


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Mmmm yes the infamous uh let’s see what we have for April…. multiple billion ISK ships causing the client to crash.

Imagine losing a super to this.

We saw your post and included warping with fighters out as part of our testing for the patch. To double check I just logged in on my player character and tested warping my Thanny with fighters out and I didn’t encounter any issues.

If you’re still experiencing crashes we’d like to find out more. If you go to the launcher, click on the cog in the top right, then go to Tools/Cache and click Start Loglite. With that running, launch the client and see if you can induce another crash and then save the log file and attach it to a support ticket via https://support.eveonline.com