Fighting an Amarr Prophecy

I’m caught up in an Epic arc. I’ve had no problems at all until I came against an assignment who pilots an Amarr Prophecy equipped with an energy nullifier. I get past the nullifier by hitting him with mine first. The problem is that his hull regenerates as fast as I damage it. Is there any way to deactivate or get past the hull regen? I’d appreciate any help you can give with this.

Btw, I’m using a Gnosis but I’m also training the skills to hit him with my own Prophecy. I’m using 2 heavy missile launchers, 220mm gatling cannons, and a medium energy turret just for the fun of it.

I think you mean armor. But no.

There was a rumor that energy neuts MIGHT disrupt or atleast decrease the frequency of armor repair, but it was never confirmed.

You just need more damag.e If youre in a Gnosis or prophecy, you should be using drones as well. Also dont mix and match turrets. Use a single type.

Take a look at his resist profile as well. Take a look at which faction he is in and find the resist hole, and use weapons to match that. Missiles work great.

Based on the age of your character, I assume you mean Kritsan Parthus in the Chasing Shadows mission of the SOE Epic Arc. As Minmatar you are probably using projectile weapons which consume no capacitor. A Gnosis with a basic passive tank can easily take anything the SOE Arc dished out - people complete it successfully in a destroyer.

You will need more than 100 dps for the Our Man Dagan mission - he can regenerate his shields that fast which is more than enough to kill Parthus - simply orbit his ship and shoot until he dies.

Okay, I’ll try it with a full bank of missile launchers. Resist hole in his faction? I think I know what you mean.

Do Little, I’ll also try taking him out with a full rack of 220mm gatlings rather than a mix with missiles. The missiles do seem to do more damage to him, though.

Thank you both.

In general, it’s not a good idea to mix your weapons - pick turrets or launchers and use some of your low slots for weapon upgrades - ballistic control for missiles, gyrostabilizers for projectile or drone damage amplifiers. Autocannons work best in falloff - with 220’s a 5km orbit should work well. Missiles will always hit their target as long as you’re in range and medium missiles will apply well to a battlecruiser.

The Gnosis is bonused for drones which gives you a secondary weapon system.

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Thank you much. Another question: is it possible to tow another ship when gating? I’d rather not have to jump 18 times to get where I’m going then go back in-capsule and pick up the other ship I’ll need.

You can’t tow. There are ships like the Orca with “ship maintenance bays” that can carry fitted ships and jump clones will let you move instantly but only once per day. Without knowing why you need 2 ships, it’s difficult to offer advice!

The Gnosis is big and it’s powerful, but there are times when I need speed over firepower. I have several smaller vessels, around 5000 m3. It’s just odd to me that a Gnosis having 20X the mass doesn’t have enough space to stow a packaged little ship.

Would the tractor beam work?

Tractor beams don’t work on ships. :slight_smile:

In fact, the only things they actually work on are jetcans and wrecks.

As far as the whole ship size thing is concerned…

  • In lore terms; imagine a real life battleship. Despite its size, it can’t carry more than a single helicopter and maybe a few little rigid air gunboats. It can’t really carry a PT boat or small submarine because all that space is being taken up by armor, weapons, and the systems that support those things.

  • in gameplay terms; the reason for this is because being a “nomad” is supposed to be a pain in the ass. Ships that can carry other ships or massive amounts of stuff are generally defenseless (see: Freighters, Bowhead) or carry special penalties (see: the movement restrictions and combat issues with any capital class ship).
    If moving bases was easy (and once upon a time, it used to be easier than it is now) then large groups of players could move across the map in a very short time frame and wipe out smaller groups for “lols” (which did happen).

No. There are smaller, faster ships that are also very powerful - Cynabal comes to mind and it isn’t very expensive as pirate cruisers go.

I run the SOE Epic Arc regularly for standing and use an assault frigate - which is overkill.

I’ll look into the Cynabal.

The drones did the trick! Thank you very much for the advice. I had to wait until my drone training was complete, but my Gnosis and 7 Valkyrie smoked him in no time flat. I barely lost any shields. You’ve no idea how glad I am to have found someone willing to help. Thank you again.

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