Big fat space-turkey

I’ve been looking into the Amarr Prophecy and i think i can really use the possible big armor tank to my advantage , however i find it hard to make it hit hard or have any decent dps whatsoever. I have a fit with drone damage and all highs fit with neuts (which i think is the most effective with the bonus but still…) Any ideas how to make it so i can have about 50-60k ehp and still do some damage? IAlso if yo ucan think about any ship that would be good to duo with the prophecy, that would be just perfect. Thx <3

and what about linking your fit so that we can understand what you are talking about?

because having better tank usually results in lower dps, you know

i just tweaked the fit from to my level as in not so great drones and not so great armor. gets to about 60-70k ehp and less than 100dps. I used the PVP neut fit, because i want to be able to solo and duo
If you think i should go either one of them , i can get behind that, but i wish to explore more options, and as i am pretty darn supid at game mechanics and interactions between weapons i ask you guys - the veterans.

You just answered your own question OP.

i tweaked that fit, but thre’s plenty of other items and fits out there that aren’t mainstream. That’s why i started this thread in the first place

ok but the “pvp neut” fit on the website you linked gives me 360 dps. So i suggest you to watch your skill levels rather than the fits


I’m going to ignore the underlying wish of “I want huge defence and huge offence and massive neuting” - to which the answer is always: No, you can’t have everything, Eve is about making compromises and sacrifices. Do you want to do a lot of damage or have a huge armour tank? - yes, with the right skills the Prophecy is a tough bird. Ugly but tough.

As others have said this really looks like a skill problem: Paul Schmidtt, is less than two months old and trying to fit a Battlecruiser. Your skills are either very limited or you’ve a serious skill injector habit.

Firstly, the drone damage bonus is against the level of Amarr Battlecrusier skill: there’s a world of difference between Level I and Level IV for the prophecy. You have already alluded to "make changes to compensate for my skills. Seriously, look at the Magic 14 and the other fitting skills for Amarr ships: Armour tanking and Capacitor skills. The Prophecy isn’t cap hungry, but your fitting loaded with neuts is going to kill your capacitor long before you tap out your opponent.

Drones really benefit from skills: Light Drone Operation is 5% damage per level for light drones, the same for Medium Drone Operation - just going to level IV in each gives you 20% more damage. Drone Interfacing is 10% damage per level, so Level IV in that is another 40% damage (and they all add up nicely). If you’ve just raced to “minimum skill to sit in a Prophecy” then you are really not able to fly it at anything like its real capabilities. Doubling the base damage of the drones is easy. Train the skills for it.
Oh, and Neuting, as I’ve said - you need good capacitor skills, but also good Capacitor Emission Systems Skill as a skill gives a bonus reduction to the capacitor use of Neuts. That is really useful. Neuting as a major weapon rather than “just something to put more pressure on the opponent” is as much a skill as for other weapons. A better Prophecy fit mixes missiles, drones and a bit of neut. Which makes it a very unconventional Amarrian ship which is normally Energy Turrets to the fore.

The biggest mistake in Eve made by new players is to think “bigger ship is always better ship” (similarly for cost) - it’s not. A well practised player in a destroyer will stuff your turkey - and won’t believe his luck until he sees your fit when he’ll pity you (he won’t take pride in that kill, butchery of the innocent isn’t combat). I have the most fun in small ships, Frigates, Destroyers and if I need to step up, Cruisers. Cheap enough that you can risk them. But that’s me.


100% agree with Terak

@Terak_Romaller ok as usual , best insight, the most info. As usual veterans know the mechanics best :slight_smile: thank you for the help, and no, i’m not base-skilling. I actually have lvl 2 or higher in most skills required for the turkey. I just want to find a balance between tanking and dps or tanking and neutralizing(be it movement, capacitor, or weapons). Thank you for all your help and support

@Wyk_Bathana the dps in the fitting sim is increasing with each and every drone you put in the drone hangar, as far as i have seen. So basically it’s not a realistic reflection of my actual dps in combat, as i have only 4 drones accesable atm. You can’t tell me i do more damage with 4 drones rather than a full fit coercer

i don’t understand clearly what you mean. I just tell you that the fit you linked gives me 360 dps. If you only get 100 dps with it, it is not the fit which is bad, it is your skills
the number of drones you can put in is also the result of your skills
work on your skills rather than on the fit

OP, he means your in game skills, just so that you know.

Also, lvl2 isn’t enough. Stick with the cruiser, train cruiser to IV, you’d deal more damage than a battlecruiser.

Also a BC isn’t a big step up from a cruiser, just more expensive, and actually less tanky, and not very versatile. I fit frigates with 300 dps, it’s your skills and isk.

Also, bigger ships suck. When I got out of my incursion vindicator to use a hecate, I felt like I was flying (which I was, but still). Like smaller ships actually feel good. I don’t fly capitals but I’m sure every longtime titan pilot would tell you the worst decision of their life was to train into that titan.

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just swallow the pill and train drone interfacing lv5. Train light and med drone skill to 5. other drone skill to 4 if you dont have the time. But drone interfacing must be 5 before you start thinking to use drones as weapons in specialized drone ship.

And what do you meant “4 drones”? if you dont have it to 5, get it to 5. You must have Drones to 5 before you fly even a Tristan.


Gitcha skills up boy!


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