Filament QoL Improvement

Currently, you have to be in fleet in order to use a filament. This confuses the hell out of new players and being in a fleet of 1 with yourself is not obvious.

The game knows if you’re in fleet or not when you try to use it so I’m proposing that if the play is not in a fleet, create one for them and then allow the filament to be used.

(similar to how items no longer need to be repackaged and it’ll do that part for you)

I agree that this can be improved.

I think it would be nicer if the game didn’t automatically create a fleet for you (talking about confusing - things that are automatically done for you but aren’t apparent), but if the game simply allowed players to use filaments without a fleet.

I mean, if I’m going to use a filament and I’m not in a fleet, the game could simply guess I don’t want to take a fleet along?


Automatically creating a fleet should not happen, but what about a button in the error tooltip, which shows up when you try to open it without a fleet to create a basic private fleet (no advert, no free move, etc.). Pair that with some additional information in an (i) tooltip about fleets, how to use them, how to set them up to teach people more, but don’t be intrusive to people who already know that feature well.

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