Filaments on SISI

Where did they all go?

They were not included (removed) when then recently did a mirror, the reason for this are supposedly to make it harder to do theory-crafting for Abyssal Space, or just a way to force risk by having to run them on TQ.

Moved off the sisi by Abbys team request.

that’s just silly. whose going to risk 2b + running t4 and t5s without a clue what to do.

Just a guess, but start with F1 and work your way up from there.

I know I’ve not yet run a single filament on TQ yet, even with it being in production now. Probably won’t though, doesn’t seem to be my bag. If I found a fun and efficient fit that wasn’t a Gila or Ishtar, I might start, but… meh. Definitely won’t be experimenting on TQ.

done that but t4&?t5s are a completely different bread.

One of the primary rules of EVE comes to mind, “If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t fly it”.

Filaments can still be obtained on SISI same way as they are on TQ.

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SISI might be dead after this changes… Why would I waste my time on SISI doing same thing as I can do on TQ… this is no more test server…

T4 and T5 are insanely hard compared to the other ones. We need to be able to test a little.

Exactly, SiSi is dead for testing anyway (no /copyships, no deadspace modules).


You can always buy PLEX to get more ISK.

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copyships removal ruined any real testing … filamets are just a small part of bad decisions…

The test server isn’t completely useless, but yes, it now has more limited functionality. It’s still useful for those who want to test out moon mining, supercap production, and things that they haven’t tested out on the live server or simply don’t have the ISK for on the live server.

Like me, for example. I have the skills for a carrier and Rorqual, but I’ve never used them on the live server. So I fired up the test server, bought a couple of them and played around and learned the ins and outs of using them, so when I do use them on the live server I won’t be completely lost.

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Its merely a slight delay … run some T1’s, and you’ll quickly work your way through loot drops, to the advanced filaments you are looking for. AND as a bonus, CCP gets test coverage for the lower tiers that you’re forced to run.

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