Final Event Reward Genolution CA-X

Back at the start of the Event when I first opened the Agency window and saw the final reward was Genolution CA-X, I thought to myself, ‘Excellent, I’ll be able to complete my collection of Genolution Implants’.

So yeah, I just started racking up Agency points to get it and didn’t even bother to check info on it. Man what a let down it was to finally redeem it just to find out it’s a capsule that randomly contains one of the four Genolution Implants already existing in the game.

What a waste of time and effort. I thought for sure it would be the 5th and final Genolution Implant, not a duplicate of what I already have. More importantly, the final reward shouldn’t be a random drop anyway. If I’m going to grind Agency points, then I wanna know just exactly what I’m going to get.

Also the same thing with the second Agency reward, the Capsuleer Support Drop or whatever it’s called, it just gave a random drop of one Agency Booster. Talk about a rip off, all I got was the Agency ‘Overclocker’ SB3 Dose I, what a freaking waste. If the points reward for those is going to be a random drop, at least have it be one of the top level Boosters of the three different types.

Seriously CCP, stop being such a tightwad on the Agency Points Event rewards.


I think the stuff that drops from wrecks should be something else than what people get as guaranteed rewards. Getting rid of the lower ISK valued stuff and just leaving the best for end.

Also you could sell the implant you dont need and buy the proper one, so I dont think random raward is bad, under one condition - that all of them from one container will be of the same value.


He wants CA-5 implant. No one has it. Cause none exists. I am sure, many people would welcome new CA-5 drop instead of existing CA-X. Especially those, who lost their money investing into CA-X before. CA-1 for example now costs about half of what was a month ago.


So there was no CA-5 in description?

Well, I cant blame CCP for not putting things that doesnt exist in containers. :rofl:

But maybe they could make the 5th one. That is good idea. :thinking:

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Guess you missed the part where I said all I saw was the name Genolution CA-X which sounds like it’s a new Genolution Implant that goes with the existing CA-1, CA-2, CA-3 and CA-4. I should have actually checked info on it, then I would have know the ‘X’ means ‘Unknown’ and it’s just a random drop.

And sorry but in my opinion getting one of those as a final reward after completing the Event Points Spread is pretty much worthless without the other implants in the set.


It’s pretty cool when you grind out 1,200 event points in order to get a decently valuable item.

It’s considerably less cool when the item is something you don’t need, and its’ value has been destroyed by the fact that 378,000 other people also just got one…


I wonder how many people built shuttles? I wonder how many of their businesses will now be destroyed by the thousands of “no materials” Apotheosis bpc’s now entering the game with this event.

Similarly destroyers with the Sunesis and battlecruisers with the Gnosis.

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Not sure about the rest but the Gnosis dropped in price by 20 mil or such as a result of the influx of new BPCs and giveaway. Not that I care for the market manipulators (no issue with them either, sandbox and another way of playing it) or even simple traders, just saying that from a trader’s perspective this can definitely be considered the ship’s value being destroyed (though if they waited this long to do something about it they are bad at what they do).

What really matters to me and I assume most players is that the Gnosis became considerably cheaper thus easier to acquire. :yum:

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