Final Plea to CCP: Tactile Familirity

Dear CCP Management Team:

Your vastly diverse customer base makes it impossible to form a consensus as to what is best for the future of EVE online. Not only is every update greeted with dozens of veteran “expert” opinions about why it either is bad or good, we as a player base will almost never agree on what we want to see happen to this game.

We say “almost” because We believe there is one singular issue that would unite the entire community in agreement: Every one of CCP’s employees should play EVE Online at least casually.

The term we will coin is: “Tactile Familirity”. Every one of CCP’s employees should at least “touch” EVE Online if only in a casual fashion. A good analogy is a Coca-Cola employee not knowing what Coke tastes like….this un-familiarity has been and we’re afraid still is the case with too many in Reykjavik, London, Seoul, etc.

This game is a product for sale and your customer base is intelligent enough to understand that it needs to turn a monetary profit first and foremost. However, its complexity and idiosyncrasies need to be understood by those that design it.

Please, we beg of you, make an effort to more fully understand what your consumer base is dealing with by re-committing yourselves to experiencing the company’s flag-ship product.


Tywin Harkonen

As well as

Eve Online Players

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I don’t remember signing that.

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Developers not playing the games they make is a rather common occurrence. There are also examples of this in other industries, such as actors that don’t watch the movies they are in…

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I forged 250,000 signatures

just because this is common doesn’t mean its acceptable…Nick Cage might agree.

That’s the spirit!

The Spirit of EVE!

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Bruv you can’t even spell the family name right.

I shant sign this.

Mostly due to your family’s cowardice at the Battle of Corrin.

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