Finally Fix the Assets Search tab

You know when you want to search for something real quick, so you open the Assets tab and go to the Search tab

… and then you wait and wait and wait while it loads your ENTIRE ASSET LIST into the serach section before you’re allowed to search?

This bug is even more annoying when it appears to be loaded, and you type your search term, hit enter, and then you wait and wait for the ENTIRE ASSET LIST to load into the results, including every single module and ship that you specifically didnt search for

So, my proposal is to fix that. The search tab shouldnt load anything until after you’ve specified a search term, and then it should only show results matching that search term. It appears the ‘search’ tab currently tries to load the ‘all’ tab’s contents.

Hey dude, it sounds like your assets window might be bugged, causing it to be painfully slow. Like, I don’t even mind the fact that the search tab loads all assets because it does so quickly -well, normally, at any rate. I did have my assets window get super slow once. Filed a bug report, and it was fixed a few days later (btw, I have a bunch of crap spread out all over the place). So, you might want to file a bug report and/or support ticket.

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