Finding a base for lowsec shenanigans

Hey there,

I’d like to ask the community a couple questions and possibly find some answers to things I’m scratching my head for, mainly finding a system/station having those parameters:

  • In high-sec within 1-2 jumps to lowsec (Not necessary, but appreciated)
  • Relatively fast access to a trade hub
  • Close to a mission hub susceptible to send players to lowsec for L4’s ( Well you gotta get targets sometimes right ? :stuck_out_tongue: )

I only fly Gallente for now so my thought process is, I’m doing mainly Kinetic/Thermal so I need to find targets that are likely not tanked against this, so maybe I should avoid Caldari/Gallente space, since Guristas/Serpentis mainly do Kinetic/Thermal and that’d make my life even harder, so I’m thinking maybe try to find a hotspot around Amarr/Minmatar space.

Is that a somewhat smart approach to my problem or is the damage type restriction really not that important ?

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I like the creative thought process, however, many high sec mission runners are not going to risk their lvl 4 mission boat in low sec- they would rather decline the mission and take a (possible) standing hit.


I would like to add to the above that, while I do know of people who are willing to take these missions, these people tend to know that space rather well and, if they get wind of someone looking for a fight, might bring one to you of a scale you aren’t ready for. Not an insurmountable problem, I think, but while looking for little fish you’ll want to keep abreast of where the bigger fish have already focused their attention.

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Obvious choice is Hek. Followed by Rens.

Both are in Minmatar space. Both are hubs.

Hek is one jump into LS. Rens is three jumps but in two directions ie one stays in Heimatar LS other goes to Derelik LS.

As to closeness of mission hubs, I don’t know enough about those to comment.


Hek is a good choice. Laangsi is nearby and is a major Lvl 4 mission hub for the Sisters of Eve, but I doubt anyone will venture into low sec. Low sec PVE tends to consist of exploration, belt ratting in 0.1 and 0.2 systems (for clone soldier tags), and running level 5 missions in capitals (as far as I can tell).

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You can just stick to Jita and pvp in Tama, that’s always fun. Can’t comment on the mission availability, but Tama is only 4j from Jita and is an FW zone so there’s always targets.

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You need to think about whether you want a system with faction warfare or not - that has a profound influence on your system selection.

It sounds like you want to shoot fish in a barrel - which means active lowsec system like Tama and Amamake and Rancer aren’t good choices. The Sisters of Eve missions get a lot of use, so that is a good place to start. You will probably get a few people who get their “storyline” missions in lowsec from a nearby highsec lvl 4 agent and try to sneak in and do them.

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Stacmon/Ostingele/Uphallant area. It’s gallente iirc but if you gallente based you probably be heavily into drones and can choose your damage type anyways. Plenty of level 4 agents in the area, some in lowsec. Level 5 agents there also. Used to get some FW Traffic also and has 0.0 entry points close by.


I’ve digged some info here and there, studied the map a bit and I did found a home in a 0.9 that is 2 jumps out of some sort of fork leading to 2 separate lowsec regions and reasonably near to Jita, so it’s probably gonna be active enough through belts or FW, haven’t checked missions hubs either but hey, can’t have it all right ? ^^

Thx for helping out bois =)

PS : Looks like I’ll even run into some BSB bros too :smiley:

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ratting in low sec. i can drag some friends along and we can help you kill some rats. SOme of those sites and missions can get kind of hairy. What system will you be ratting in?

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are welcome in Tama, no need to fish for easy newbie kill here…


HeK is the most obvious choice. It is a hub 1 jump from low sec.

You have a while low sec constelation to hunt in that irregularly gets high sec missions and escalations sent to.

Rancer is permanently camped so you don’t need to worry about roaming gangs as they either get nuked on Rancer gate by x13 or are busy chasing x13 around.

Through a high sec island you are in fw space so plenty of small gang to do there too.


Who said I was going to be missioning/beltratting ? :wink:

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A few priors need reassessment :slight_smile:

  • targets will be few, so you’ll have to engage everyone regardless of other parameters. On the plus side, you are PVP fitted and they usually are not, so you aren’t risking much. Can’t kill or can’t break, just gtfo.

  • you want convenience, close to active high, that’s understandable. But everyone understands it and those areas will be crowded (well, as crowded as Eve areas can be.

  • the somewhat competent people who are missioning in low usually start from low and use low agents (you get paid more for a start). They are less frequently purely PVE fitted, can and do reship locally, have friends/scouts/alts.

  • the missioneer you will catch will either be complete idiots/newbies (no experienced player will let himself be combat scanned if not ready for combat). Once you have killed a couple, it will be very very boring.

  • most non perma active low kind of “belongs” to someone. That’s not a show stopper, but more often than none you will be hit by a covert cyno and a BLOPS on gates, anoms, sigs (but not DED space, somewhat fortunately)

  • oh, and a practical tip: have a “Gate Key” in cargo at all times.

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