Finding Corp by TZ Acitivty - reverse heatmap

Zkill has this awesome feature of activity heatmap, which shows kills per hour per day.

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This is a very useful intel tool, but that not what I wanted to talk about.

What if I want to find corps who actively PVP during my TZ?

As most of us grow old, our playing schedule is more specific (and more limited maybe?), so it will be nice if I can use my own heatmap activity to find a corp to join (or maybe to roam to and fight?).

The result of that idea together with the relatively long lunch breaks in my company, resulted in this:

You fill up the hours you want, together with the area you look to PVP, and get the top 50 corps that match.

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It’s still a work-in-progress (all small projects are always in that state)…

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