Firesale (ton of capitals) (sold)

1 Thanatos - 1bil
2 Moros - 1.2bil each
2 Naglfar - 1.2 bil each
4 Phoenix - 1.3bil each
5 Apostle - 950mil each
1 Lif - 900mil

Asking 14 bil for all.
Willing to deal.
Location Ostingele

nags and moroses to olimano eistiras if you’re willing to break it up

might take it all, give me a couple min to run math

13b for it all? if not ill still buy the nag and moroses seperate, contract up whenever you get a chance

i’ll take all the phoenix

Contract up to Olimano Eistiras

how much for the 2 moros?

^ i bought it all btw, just to save time for potential buyers

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