FIRMAN AB - A Place to hang out

Prefer to fly Solo in a Corp that wants nothing from you?
Just want folk to chat to whilst you do your thing?
We are seeking Pilots to Join Firman AB to hang out and teach, learn with and learn from.

High-Sec Corp looking for new, old and returning players EU/US TZ at the moment but you can change that by joining. We are based in Tash-Murkon and Domain region close to the Amarr trade Hub.

We can offer
Orca mining
Level 1 - 4 mission running
Support for new players
Buy Back Program
No tax and no demands.
Weekly mining operations.
Trade Hub access.
Access to player stations
Alliance activities
Mic not required

Come join us in our relaxed corner of new Eden where chilling and enjoying yourself is key, no demands, no expectations, you do what you want. With 30+ years of experience we might even be able to teach you a thing or two.

The Social part of the game is more important to us then anything else. Feel free to have a chat with us in our public channel Just Search for the Firman chatroom in game.

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