First Capsuleer to Free Navigate Mt. Victory In A Procurer

Faurent 6.25.2019.

Looking up I witnessed the indomitable Triglavian asteroid before me.
Only in a Procurer, I navigated up the side of the asteroid to become the first Capsuleer and first miner in all of New Eden to do so in a Procurer.

Why did I do it?
Because it was there.

The Valley between the two peaks of Mt. Victory, the huge asteroid found in a Major Conduit is 470 km from the beacon warp in point.

Dryson Peak, the tallest peak on Mt. Victory, is 548 km from the beacon warp in point.
Bennington Peak, the tallest peak on the second largest cluster of peaks on the other side of the Valley is 526 km from the warp in beacon.

Two Warrior II drones, one set at each peak and a T II Mining Drone, set in the valley between the peaks, were left behind in the cargo cans in celebration.

See the pictures below:

%20Triglavian%20in%20a%20Procurer%204 %20Triglavian%20in%20a%20Procurer%205 %20Triglavian%20in%20a%20Procurer%206


Then the Serpentis came for me…but they did not have the courage to come for me and take me from my mountain.

Looking up at Mt. Victory from the Sealed Major Conduit beacon.

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