Walking In Triglavian Space

DUST 514 was a success server and implementation wise as was walking in stations. Both had their drawbacks. DUST 514 wasn’t able to be accessed via PC and walking in stations lacked any interaction.

My suggestion is to combine both sets of scripts, DUST 514 and Walking In Stations, into a single script that would allow Capsuleers to explore Triglavian Space.

Exploring Triglavian Space would be accomplished in a new type of ship that could deploy a Capsuleer and then protect the Capsuleer from the crushing gravity of Triglavian Space with a modified shield emitter that could only be developed using Plasmoids.

One on the ground in Triglavian Space the explorer could probe out relic and data sites as well as taking soil samples to then return to interested parties.

Exploring Triglavian Space would take shape in the possible scripting format:

When the ship comes to a rest velocity of zero an icon appears on the HUD after the ‘docking sequence’ that changes from the hangar to Captains Quarters has taken effect.

The icon is clicked and the Capsuleer is taken to an airlock where they either choose a space suit or rover vehicle. At this point that script has changed to the environment of DUST 514 that allows ships and suits to be used.

The Capsuleer then exits the advanced ship to begin their exploration of Triglavian Space.

The HUD of the spacesuit would have various functions such as boosters for acceleration, survey probe comm link that launches probes from the ship, special tools to locate relic and data sites as well as a rover that is able to drill and take soil samples of Triglavian rocks with.


Yep, DUST 514 and walking in stations were such great concepts that CCP killed them both off…

No one asked you.

Walking in stations (or space) is dead, dead, dead. We’re talking burried, the earth salted for good measure and then entombed in several tons of concrete.


Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous have what you looking for. The door is that way. Bye…

Like I stated to Quake God, no one asked you for your negative thoughts either. Just because you want to fly around in a ship all day long doesn’t mean everyone else wants too.

Implementing such an idea will generate new content for the seasoned explorer who like the unexplored, compared to those who only like blob warfare.

Comments like these are the reason why everyone wants CODE and their supporters banned. All you do is troll the forums and attack anything that doesn’t put you at the center of attention.

Unless you have something positive to add…stop acting as if you are the pets of CCP and trying to moderate the game based on their wants.

Me? The center of attention? LOLOLOLOLOLOL. I’m not the one creating a couple hundred threads about CODE, anti-ganking, gankers, and ideas that will NEVER be implemented…


You be would surprised about ideas that have been implemented.

Unlike you that never has any ideas, because trolling is not an idea.

The concepts were amazing and would have lifted EVE to a whole new level. Only CCP’s coding and management incompetence turned the concepts into failures.


Not incompetence but because of whiners like Quake God is the reason why DUST 514 failed.

DUST 514 failed because it was aimed at an entirely different type of player than EVE…

Why don’t you go back to PvP and ganking Quake God and leave everyone alone with your boring style of game play?

No one cares if you don’t like the aspects of the FPS idea.

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There is only one space-based MMO ever that has successfully pulled off space combat, walking in station, crafting, planetary exploration, etc, and that was Star Wars Galaxies. There hasn’t been a game like it since.

Walking in Triglavian Space could be a special event that would last about a week so that the Ganker Carebear’s don’t get all butthurt.

When you propose something, you should be prepared to listen to both people liking and disliking your ideas, Dryson. That’s how discussions work.

Or, if you think anyone posting here should think like you, you should stop posting on other threads when you disagree with the OP…

To come back to topic, you want to mix two things that never worked, expecting it will create something that work ? I think CCP programmers could spend their time on something better for Eve…


Sounds like a description of Start Citizen to me.

I’ll be honest, I miss walking in stations the captains quarters. But I don’t think a combination of Dust 514 - developed for a console - an the mechanic we had for the captain quarters combinded would work well on PC.

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Exactly. FPS shooters are a dime a dozen these days, and Dust 514 was a sub-par one at best…

lol @ OP

“Only people who agree with me need respond!”

Well, hell no. And that is a “positive” response compared to the response the idea actually deserves.