Additional use of "instances": Triglavian Ghost Sites

As an idea to make additional use of instanced Triglavian systems, I’m thinking they might make for a good “Ghost Sites Mk II” kind of content.

These would be Triglavian gates in K and J space that can be scanned down like data or relic sites. The gate spawns closed, but if used it opens to visually indicate it’s been entered. I’m thinking it would only allow battlecruisers in. The site collapses (or maybe violently self-destructs) after 10 minutes.

It can be entered by multiple pilots, but here’s the catch: inside the site is one exit key. The site is one room, with one closed exit gate, and only one of the data or relic cans, or rats, will drop the sole exit key. Thus if you follow someone in, you have to be able to complete the site after killing them (or find the key faster than them). This is also why I’m thinking the target ship size should be battlecruiser. The rats shouldn’t be the difficulty focus like in filaments - the time limit and the risk of other players should be the real challenges (perhaps an activated gate is easier to scan down than an unused gate). You need a kind of swiss-army fit that can complete the site, shoot things (or tank), and possibly fight other players. A cargo scanner and fast lock time might be invaluable here.

This makes them sort of like mini-wormholes but you’re committed to completing it, there’s no bugging out. If a gate is open, you know someone went in. If you go in, you can’t see if anyone is waiting on the exit or about to enter. And only one ship is getting out alive (if at all).

Does this seem like the right direction to take instanced content, or something that would be dead on arrival?

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You answered your suggestion yourself.


If ccp go further in the direction of instanced content that would just suck so much…

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More PvE sites that ramp up to actual PvP would be a great learning curve for the new players.

A learning curve that would put them a step ahead of the already aging PvPer in the game.

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I was honestly surprised when I realized that Abyssal sites couldn’t be entered by other pilots.
It would have made for much better content if they could be chased into.

It may be even better if you meet somewhere in the middle :grin:

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