Dust 514 combined with Eve Online

I think out of pod in space combat would be very interesting.

How the combat would work is rather simple. Models from Dust 514 would be used to encapulsate the Capsuleer instead of the Pod. The suit would perform much like the Pod does but would be much larger, maybe 5x the size of Dust 514 suit.

Wearing a suit would allow the Capsuleer to travel around the solar system much like a ship does and to different solar systems using a new type of gate designed just for the suit and the suit only.

New missions surrounding the suit allow vets and rookies to do something entirely new and strange, thus creating another avenue in the environment.

Each Mech Suit would have high,mid and low slots plus rig slots to equip mods too.

Combat between suits would be intense none the less as Capsuleers chase each through an asteroid belt or around a station.

Suited Capsuleer could also engage and be engage by smaller ships such as frigs and destroyers or even a new class of ships designed especially for chasing Suited Capsuleer.

Suited Capsuleer could even swarm smaller ships, such as Barges and Haulers and attack them with lethal and highly precise systems that allow unparalleled accuracy over the best fit T3C.

Capsuleers could mine or salvage in their suits as well that would introduce new ships that would collect the resources via specialized tractor beams.

The benefit of mining and salvaging in a Suit is that better quality minerals and salvage would be harvested.

CCP London is building team for new “online shooter”. While I don’t expect comeback of Dust. Some integration with EVE might be possible considering that CCP works hard on replacing old code from EVE.


I think being able to fly DUST 514 suits in Eve Online as super sized space battle mechs, something similar to Robotech but not able to transform into fighter planes would open up very interesting game play. Not only would you have the valor and honor of ship pilots in a fight but now you have Capsuleer battle mechs as well fighting alongside dealing with pesky drones and looting that valuable module from the cruiser wreck of lucky first time Alpha. Not to mention battle mechs being geared towards appropriating and protecting ESS systems across Null.

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