CONCORD's possession of Triglavian Survival Suits, and the current Public Contract

Following the revelation of the Triglavian Collective to New Eden, some things have started to seem a little out-of-place with regards to who may have unknown connections with members of their race.

This Triglavian survival suit is of a design derived from specifications obtained by CONCORD from the clothing and equipment of crew taken from a Vedmak-class cruiser encountered in K-space by DED forces. The meaning of the symbols on this clothing is unclear but they could indicate a specialized force or group of some kind.

The “Encounter” version of the Triglavian survival suit has been released to capsuleers who have successfully recruited new pilots to a capsuleer program and has been issued in a safe format, with all Triglavian bioadaptive technology stripped from this striking apparel.

At first, the gifting of Triglavian apparel by CONCORD in reward for bringing new Capsuleers into the fold seemed only baseline suspicious. The suits themselves are apparently in the style of an outlier Triglavian group, one we have seen absolutely nothing of within the Conduit-Loops. Their J-like insignia, very disparate from the tri-symmetrical symbols for the Clades and Collective, appear on the arms of the suits, which were themselves apparently sourced from the captured Vedmak taken in by @Oveg_Drust.

On its own, this gift isn’t wholly suspicious - but with the start of the new Agency public contract, things have become stranger.

Not only has someone, or some group, managed to modify CONCORD’s own crimewatch system to exclude entry to deeper levels of the abyss from suspect-flagging, but additional Survival suits have been placed on the public market through the SCC’s New Eden Store.

These variants represent the Veles and Perun Clades within the Triglavian collective, and their source has not been made public - with no access to these types of survival suits in the levels of the Abyss we can access, I’m beginning to strongly wonder if there haven’t already been communications taking place between citizens of New Eden and these two more diplomatically-aligned Clades.

A progressing thought from this is that the CONCORD crimewatch change may have been performed with more knowledge than we currently presume; whoever is responsible wants us to delve deeper into the Abyss, even knowing CONCORD’s own worry of the “existential threat posed by the increased risks of subversion and suborning of capsuleers operating in such locations by the Triglavian Collective, who we continue to consider a clear and present danger to the people of New Eden”.

Comparing suborning to the known and far more cooperative Triglavian concept of Sobornost, I’m beginning to wonder what may be in store in coming times.



If @Oveg_Drust had just given me the damn sanctity dress I asked for, then all this could have been avoided.

And look where his intransigence has led us to. Rogue Triglavian meme worm subversion of the entire CONCORD and SCC apparatus.


I suspect the source is ‘We used the exact same pattern as the old suits, and slapped the names of different Clades on them for marketing purposes when we changed the color palette’.


Trademark dispute you say?Clearly this means all out war!!!

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I’d say so at first too, but the coincidence of them being added to available goods at the same time this new event, intending us to dive deeper started, plus the line “This Triglavian survival suit was probably sourced from the black market and care should be taken to ensure that the bioadaptive technology typically found in such items has been deactivated and removed.” makes me fairly supersuspicious about it all - and even excluding those, happenings have been very strange.


Yeah, personally I feel like that line was tossed in just to make it seem more legit, and not just more of CONCORD’s knock-off designs. I mean, this thing coming out now is part of what makes it so blatant. It’s like they held off on the ‘dive deeper’ stuff until they had these and the Hadean SKINs ready for market. It’s not like they’re selling Trig nanotech coatings that just happen to work exactly the same way CONCORD ones do, you know?

I mean, I can respect CONCORD’s desire to get free of the need for funding from the Empires. But it really does seem like the DED is taking a back seat while the SCC drives, lately.


Good. I will stick to the one I already got then. I trust CONCORD less than I trust this foreign collective.


I’m with Mizhir on this one… So far CONCORD has shown nothing to prove that they should be trusted on this… And the appearance of these new Clade specific suits shows that something is going on…

I am both looking forward and fearing what the future will bring, and pray to god that it won’t end in an all-out war.


I persist to insist on the “recovered” part. We do not know if the ship was indeed captured or simply taken out of AD.

I think their extensive use of extremophilic bacteria could very be the reason of the state of the vedmak.

It then very well possible that this ship was there because the TC wanted to see if they could go into our space.

As with the rogue drones, it is very well possible that Concord got a “special treatment” and is already more or less allied with the collective.

Hek, it is even possible that the current agency thing is orchestrated BY the collective to speed up the process of trial to see if we could help against their enemy.

Not everything done by a governmental agency is evil ^^


I use “captured” because that’s the word CONCORD themselves used when discussing their acquisition of the ship :slight_smile:

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I will be annoying, but it is not an “CONCORD” statement, it is a Scope’s one ^^

The only concord statement we have on the event state “recovered”. And the rest of my statement remain the same.


I’d just like to comment that the Triglavians seem to be in possession of a great many wondrous things, but fashion sense is not one of them.
Why the hell would a “survival suit” incorporate a garish hoodie? Or, worse yet, high heels? Or a combination of both (if that’s not a crime, it damn well should be)?


Oh, it’s worse than that. When I go to look at it in the NES preview, it doesn’t show me wearing PANTS!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against no-pants, but it seems a really bad choice for a survival suit!


Noone has recovered a bottom part of the suit so everything from the waist down is up to yourself. The pictures that was linked just feature high heels for some reason.


In that case, the point about the hoodie still stands. As does the complaint about the heinous lack of pants making this a rather poor “survival” suit.


@Umbre_Fallenstar fair - though seeing as the broadcast also says that the ship was boarded before being taken in, I’ll stand by my own as well for now~

@Sah_Phyre they did say “human in origin”, maybe their fashion sense has just evolved into a form beyond our own understanding 267964485627543552


Merciful God, we’ve run into a civilization of deep space hipsters. “Too cool” for your usual fashion sense, “too cool” to dwell in regular space, “too cool” to communicate in something resembling actual human speech patterns. “Too cool” to communicate with us losers, too.


Cpt annonying to the rescue :stuck_out_tongue: “technically” if you are invited ON a ship, you ARE boarding it ^^

But I completely agree that Concord is not saying everything they know about the collective. I may very well be part of the test, knowing that capsuleers are much more independent than a organisation like CONCORD.


In all seriousness though, the upper halves of the outfits are what we’ve been recovering; the biodaptive components of the apparel seem to be clustered near the front and back of the torso and within the very malleable “helmet”, where it contacts the wearer’s own body and does, well, whatever it’s intended to do, likely affecting the entire body through its contact points. So long as the body itself is sealed in with proper protection, I’d imagine the suit will function exactly as intended.


I still fail to see the point of the hoodie in all this, given that there’s an obvious vest or upper half of a full-body suit underneath that would provide adequate protection by itself in conjunction with the helmet, but I digress.
Do humor me though, are there actually any ideas on what these “bioadaptive components” are supposed to do? The way they’re described - and the mention of them being stripped out of the capsuleer variants - makes them sound like some sort of vaguely defined danger akin to TCMC.