First version of a song

Outside of eve I sing in a choir and one of the songs we have performed is halleluia (Leonard Cohen) in the arrangement of Roger Emerson for the movie shrek. I sometimes hum this song and this mornign (eu timezone) I had an idea for a different lyric.

I’m not sure the lyrics and music work out well anyway for the purpose of amusement

Digging for Real

i’ve heard there is a secret belt,
that was roidfull,
and could pleased my soul,
yet you don’t really care about miners,
do you?
This belt had like
there veldspar,
a lot of gneiss
real morphite rocks
I set a course, so I would
dig the riches
digging madly__
digging gladly__
digging happy__
digging for rea___l
I think I tried to grab my luck,
I didn’t believe it turn out so real,
yet if it was, well realy was it for me?
There is a blaze of light,
When ships explode,
It doesn’t matter
what you prepared
for innocent or the crimefull
die like equals
digging madly__
digging gladly__
digging happy__
digging for rea__l
I tried to warp,
it didn’t help,
I ignored all red
so I tried to run.
I’ve told the truth,
I didn’t come to to die here
And even though
I got cloned again
I’ll search this belt,
in doing nothing with my ship but
mining onwards
digging frantic__
digging gladly__
digging happy__
digging for rea_l

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