Fitting a ship to work well in tandem with my legion(T3C)

My friend and I have decided to move into a nomadic, PVE life. We will be focusing on WH / Null sec, Sites, hacking, salvaging, etc… Between the two of us, we will only be using one account each (we dont multi-box).

I will be using a legion, likely a laser based fit.
Our idea sort of centers around me being the primary hacker/shooter and him being a “anti-gank, stealthy surprise, back-up DPS role” Basically the idea that, If we are in a site together, he might be cloaked most of the time, and if someone pops in and engages me, hell pop out and engage them…

  1. Is there a Amarr based, sub-capital ship that would pair well? (or do we just run 2 legions more or less equipped the same?

  2. Since I prefer a little range, it seems whatever ship we go with would probably be designed more for “close range” what with webifiers, neuts, warp disrupts, and similar ecm things…

  3. we are doing a bit of wacky role-play, hence the “amarr ship stipulations,” even if not “Best in class”

pilgrim most probs
unless you wanna go for black ops

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