Fitting Warnings

Could you add undersized propulsion modules to white or yellow please, thank you.


Minmatar ships are going to be interesting to categorise.

Maybe shade the CPU/Grid slightly to indicate low-med-high usage for when you accidentally use a large armour repairer on a destroyer?

Hull tanked brutix beats armour and shield tank EHP any day of the week.

Yes please to this.

This is frustrating to see, why a ship has turret slots and not a bonus to their race’s weapon platform leads to the garbage of years ago when everyone put projectiles on amarr ships because while there was no gun bonus, using projectiles instead of lasers avoided the capacitor drain.

While we’re on the subject of propulsion modules, it’d be nice to stop the sillyness of oversize propulsion modules to get around the effect of a scram.

But hey, everyone loves the speedy uncatchable kite meta.

I really like the steps you are making to make fitting more understandable and intuitive to use for newer players. Very good solutions for bare minimum of fitting understanding and guidance.

Please, just make sure there’s an option to completely disable these feature for advanced users. Appreciated.

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I should have made it more clear up front, that I was thinking “with a hull repair unit” - warn for that. You are right that a passive brick bulkhead brutix is a tough beast.

Great stuff, Karkur! Thanks for the update.

There’s actually 4 types now… Radsinks (for Triglavian superlasers) have the same icon as Heatsinks, Gyrostabs, and Magstabs. BCS and DDA ofc get their own icons.

But yeah, it wouldn’t be bad to tell all of the gunnery-based damage mods apart at a glance… I think an icon of the ammo for each one might be a bit TINY and hard to see… so how about just making them color-coded instead of all being the same orange-ish shade?.. how about: yellow for lasers, rusty orange/brown for projectiles, blue/green for hybrids, red for triglavian?

And yep, ice vs. ore would be another good one for MLUs… again with the color-coding, EZ-PZ this time: dark grey/brown for ore, white icons for ice.

Don’t almost all hardeners/resistance mods have a different look to them based on EM vs. kin vs. therm vs. expl? it’s not always super easy to tell, but there’s definitely a difference there. Good point on the rigs, though.

Missile damage types? there’s color-coding for that already, though. Yellow for Nova/Explosive, blue for Mjolnir/EM, green for Scourge/Kinetic, and red for Inferno/Thermal.


Amen to the faction MGCs and MGEs, yes.

Hehe, yeah, CCP Fozzie has been busy authoring them to be both (‘armor or shield’), and those ships will not trigger this warning :slight_smile:


not relevant to the topic and a terrible idea as well you can use literally any afterburner to get out around the effect of a scram
anyway as i said it’s off topic so let’s take my answer as the final judgement on this and be done with it ty

So the ‘guessing’ part wins in your mind.

“Omarrr Omanid” 13/28 gets it tho.

Simulation has the “remove all modules in rack” option, so I wouldn’t have thought it would be too difficult for the devs to apply to the non-simulated fitting window. (I know, I know- famous last words…)

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After seeing this for a number of ships prior to and during the recent Mass Test, I find it annoying. I’ve been fitting since 2010, many times a special purpose fit that wasn’t “kosher”, so red and yellow icons just represent sources of further annoyance in the current game. I killed off more accounts eariler, and have started looking for something else…these “little” things are just building up. I see the active player count down a lot nowdays, so I’m not the only one looking afar.

Put a disable config toggle someplace!

Structures show a fitting warning for overloaded cargo. It appears that the cargo capacity being flagged is for ammo. Adding, removing some, and adding ammo again has no effect on the flag - it persists but removing it completely clears it. I suspect that the UI is pulling the actual volume of ammo present while calculating the total capacity based off a cargo hold that does not exist. :wink:

edit: ah ha… you guys fixed it since the weekend. huzzah. Ignore this post then.

um, can we choose to close this kind of icon?

for example: shield tank Vedmak , both shield and armor tank Ragnarok……shield tank Vexor Navy Issue

Why is the Prospect considered a Shield ship? and the Curse not considered a shield ship although it’s predominantly flown as such and the relevant fitting slots?

update the darn mirror and sure I’ll test whatever you want me too…

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