[FIXED] Update to "Pulling CONCORD is now a permaban offense"

For one I know somebody who isn’t doing anything wrong, and it is our dear saintly eve online players.

Which CSMs exactly?

Whole meeting loggs .

Roll down

Yeah, Im not going to INN.

Names, or its just bs.

Giving some names means nothing if you dont have source and proofs .
IIN use the source with names… so f you dont read the first link roll down the second link. Names are there.

Clever people asks for source. I gave you both .

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How evasive.

Id rather be not clever than not honest.

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I do respect that. But I did not understand how this is related.

To be fair to you, Im simply trying to ascertain if one or more CSM who have claimed the opposite are on record for saying otherwise.

And if all this is already public knowledge, I apologise for being such a lackwit

In all my time mining I’ve only ever once seen Concord at an asteroid belt.

But surely the Concord are different groups at each gate. If someone pulled the cops at gate 1 away a bit…would those at gate 2 not still be there at gate 2 ? Or does the entire Concord force for the whole system respond to every gank ?

There is 1 CONCORD response force per system; they have to warp away from their last engagement to the new criminal act.

So the entire force from 2 stargates and 3 stations responds to every criminal act ? How absurd. I mean what is the point of having them strategically placed at those gates and stations if they are going to abandon post every time someone steals a loaf of bread !

Relaying an answer from Solstice:

The answer to the question is that the closest spawn will come for you. This is also valid for pulling CONCORD (well, obviously). You can not pull your spawn unless it’s also the closest one.

Yes but the OP refers to ganking at two seperate gates as if the gank at gate 1 affected the Concord response time at gate 2…which would only be the case if the entire Concord force had gone to gate 1.

What’s going on?

Okay, only the required number of concord will respond. So, if only one guy goes flashy/pulls, then only one concord will show up. If more guys pull, then more concord will respond. Concord from the closest spawn responds, unless more are needed. Presumably, they’ll respond from different locations if needed. And, of course, if there are not enough existing spawns, then additional concord will be spawned.

Does that clear things up?

I think it depends 100% on when you get ganked. CCP is correct that ganking makes noobs stay, but I would say that only really starts to come into effect after maybe a week or two and it is the complete reverse in those first 2 weeks.

I’m of the opinion that it depends more on why they were attracted to the game. For example, I was attracted to Eve because I had heard that it was brutal PvP-centric game full of scumbags. But, was kind of unimpressed by first couple of days of career agent missions and mining. I was like, “is this it? When does it get good”? (FYI, I never played a sandbox MMO before). Then, when I was ganked, I was like, “okay, I’m in the right place.”

Anyway, I think ganking helps retain players like me, but it might hurt the guys who thought they were getting a less competitive MMO.

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Yes…the one time I’ve seen Concord in an asteroid belt it was maybe 4 or 5 ships, not every Concord officer from the entire system.

Also it’s impossible to determine ‘after the event’ whether it was miners doing this or some miner got ganked. So simply seeing Concord in a belt is not proof of miners pulling Concord.

Yes but I think there are two sorts who stay because of ganking. There’s the ‘brutal scumbag’ sort…who usually end up becoming gankers. And then there’s the sort like me who just enjoy the chase, and the sense of outwitting the scumbags…which to me is far more fun than I’d ever get out of ganking.

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If it is an exploit that would be ridiculous. If a target appears at the other gate, you supposed to let it go or get banned? How about banning the 2nd target for making you gank it too soon?

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