[FIXED] Update to "Pulling CONCORD is now a permaban offense"

Ok @Cilla_Cybin let us accept this statement hypothetically true. And be agree upon.

By doubling EHP of mining ships makes high skill lvl players tank their mining ships with full potential.
and for example, only Mackinaw pilots who die in high sec will be the ones who leave 2 of mid slots empty… ( i have seen a couple of kill mails like that ) Undock like that and go to mine …
Mackinaw | Ship | zKillboard NO properly fitted Mackinaw dying in High Sec to ganking.

HIgh skill lvl pilots are now granted PVP free safe mining…
How about new pilots???

This is officially pinning new pilots onto the target board while covering veterans tanks to the ridiculous lvls…

This is a good point. After the new mining buffs, the bulk of miner ganking will be shifted unto new players. There was no buff to newplayer Ventures, this is all about protecting decade old players who want to maximize their isk/hr with AFK mining.


Starting to hate isk/hr thing myself , people doing it in mining , pve and other areas of eve might be efficient but it can’t be fun ,

Ffs have fun and kill a Tengu why you do inefficient pve , it’s a blast.


Skilling a barge only takes a week. Then you can be tanky.
Ventures are 2m Killmails. They dont get ganked that often and are replaced after 20 min of mining.

But the ganker can come in and blow it up every fifteen minutes so the Venture miner will always be on a downwards slope.

A bit desperate, Dracvlad. You must be at a loose end!

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I don’t think this is the biggest issue in the world.

In the first 6 or 7 pages of venture kills on zkill this morning, there were a total of 4 high sec ventures killed by players. 3 of them by the same player.

This is in comparison to over a hundred killed in wormholes, lowsec, nullsec, or by NPCs.

I know some people love a good pearl-clutch, but this one is a little laughable.

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I thought it was funny, oh well, guess my humour is wasted…

It was supposed to be laughable, by the way it also depends on what you mean by a gank.

…only when the person who reads it mistakes it for sincerity!

There is a fix to this. After 15 minutes, if no activity is detected, the mining barge will explode with a 100% drop rate. a secondary explosion poding the miner to teach him/her a lesson for committing the ultimate sin of AFK mining. A shiny new venture waiting for the miner in the station.

Noobs will get a free education

Well, I guess I got the right end result?!

Sorry my friend, so used to people dropping the “won’t somebody think of the newbros?!!?” line when trying to protect their personal revenue stream (developed over multiple years, minmaxed with 20+ accounts and operated as close to off the books as their alliance will let them get away with) I just immediately default to cynicism, snark and condescension.

While these traits have served me well in Eve in general, this time they have led me astray.

The issue was never the newbros. I always thought that the issue was the players who had just cracked the Exhumer, poured all his ISK into that and then got it ganked.

Also I count the gankers with 20+ accounts as being the same type of min/max player.

Some of these ganks are hits, keeps the other miners with their roid murdering barges way from your precious rocks.

I’d actually posted quite a bit on the old forums. Was my 1st post on these new ones.

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I know you’re post is old but that clip, how comfortable would combat gear like that really be :face_with_monocle:

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Maybe it is meant to mentally disarm the opponent.

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Looks quite snug to me

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