Flagged Suspect When Going Through A FW Gate And Not Signed Up For FW

And as someone already mentioned in here, in case You bothered reading in the first place, Gallente FW player is free to be shot at without that flag and without any hits to security status. And if memory serves would also be automatically aggressed by whatever NPC is or is not there.

Were You also fighting so valiantly against locking out warpstabs out of FW plexes? I mean that’s a very special snowflake rule just working in FW.

Somehow I doubt You did. Actually I’d rather expect You were one of those whom applauded that one.
Because snowflake rules are good when it’s You who benefits them.

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Good thinking.

Warp core stabs stop you from activating any accel gates and you cannot warp to anoms.

The problem with your analogy is that when you loot another player’s jetcan, you get suspect flagged and everyone can engage you, not just the person who’s loot you stole. Everyone can engage you because you’ve committed a minor criminal offense (i.e. theft) and the suspect flag is CONCORD’s low-resource way of letting other capsuleers mete out punishment on their behalf because they’re too busy dealing with .CODE.

Taking an acceleration gate is not a criminal offense, so a suspect flag is inappropriate.

I’m not sure if I missed this in your original post or not, but I see in this reply that your intent is to make non-FW pilots freely enlargeable only to FW pilots, not to everyone, if they land in a FW complex. I could get more behind this idea in general; you are entering a war zone, so you should be a valid target for combatants. However, a suspect flag is not the way to do it. Plus, there is the issue of the non-gated FW locations: what if someone looking to do anomalies in a FW system accidentally warps to a large complex instead of that Blood Port that showed up on their scanner? Would they automatically get flagged as a legitimate target for FW players just because of a mis-clicked warp command? Or would going to non-gated complexes not flag a player? And if that’s the case, how do you justify the difference in flagging criteria?

In the end, it’s all too messy, and there are already ways to engage non-combatants who enter FW completes already.

Still a hard no from me. I can sympathize with the notion behind your suggestion to some extent, but in implementation it’ll just be too complicated and/or arbitrary with little actual benefit in return.

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