Fleet advert remains after last pilot left

Short: Remove necessety to update advert when there are only one pilot remains in the fleet. So the advert always online irrespective of pilots presence in fleet.

Long: When the pilots leave the fleet and only one pilot remains the advert goes offline with message “fleet finder update”. If the fleetcommander currently afk no one can join the fleet anymore. It would be very useful if there will not be nesessary for such an update and offlining the advert after emptying the fleet. So the fleet will be always available even after all pilots left it before (except the fleet holder or the last pilot).

If the last person in a fleet went afk, then there’s no reason for them to be in the fleet, or have the fleet available to join in the first place. Just make a new one.

Fleet can live no matter if fleetcom afk or not.

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