Fleet looting system overhaul

Currently the loot system goes like this : 2 man fleet in a team, get a rare drop worth 1b ISK, only the attacker/last hitter get the loot, while leaving the other member with nothing. The system can be changed into rolling dice / bidding system.

Rolling dice : 2 man fleet, each member has 50% chance to get the loot, randomly distributed.

Bidding system : The person who wants the loot has to pay a fair share of ISK to other fleet members, eg : person A in 2 man fleet bids 400mil for a rare loot worth 1b, person B agrees as he dont have the money or don’t want carry huge risk to haul the item to sell at Jita. Person A now gets the 1b loot but has to pay Person B 400mil in ISK. https://siliconangle.com/2016/01/28/blade-souls-loot-auction-system-is-the-best-and-worst-idea-in-the-game/

What? No. This is a sandbox game. Who ever gets the loot first gets to keep it, or if you want, there is nothing stopping you from implementing this system in your fleet. If you want to ask CCP for a die roller function to make that easier, I’ll support that. There is already a loot log in the fleet interface so you can audit what was looted.

And your premise is also wrong. Fleets share loot so in a two-man fleet either can loot the wreck. It doesn’t go to attacker or max damage or whatever. Anyone in the fleet can loot the wreck.


loot is FFA? sry for ignorance, didnt knew that

I’d atleast support dice rolling to distribute gear fairly, other “sandbox” game like archeage has this feature too!

I don’t think this is correct, in my experience the wreck goes to the player that dealt the most Armor + Hull damage.

Further more, while you are in fleet with each other, you can both loot the wrecks as they are shared (but only while in fleet).

Or you can fly with someone you know and she / he gives you 500m of that 1 billion mod.

When I ran DED complexes with an alliance mate, he always gave me half of the overseer isk and a little of the potential selling price of the a module drop, if any.

The bounty payouts will be shared by default.

Stealth sandbox nerf, what about the guy that didn’t do any damage, and is not in your fleet, what happens to his looting rights? :skull_and_crossbones:

read ts “in fleet”

The mechanic is extended to all fleet members of the person that dealt the most damage. If one person deals the most damage, it’s a FFA wreck for everyone in that fleet. This also only applies to highsec and lowsec, as in nullsec and wormholes all wrecks are generally always FFA.

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